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Nov 7, 2016

Music Moment: Janelle Kroll

Last week singer Janelle Kroll wrapped up her music tour at Soho House here in West Hollywood. Singing to an intimate audience with no camera’s allowed she rocked the house. Her music selections ranged from her EP’s track list to Joni Mitchell covers and even a surprise duet. 

Janelle is our ‘Music Monday’ crush! Her tunes are upbeat and carefree, delivered with soul. She reminds us a bit of Joni Mitchell (albeit a different music style, its in the voice trust us). She’s a fan of Joni herself, having covered her in the past, as well as her private performance here at Soho House. Hailing from Chicago if you’re in the music festival know, then you might have seen her rock the house at Lollapalooza back in 2015. Fashion darlings have been jamming to Janelle since she took over Rebecca Minkoff’s instagram account, and now we’re bringing her to you.

Her single ‘Sunny Days’ reminds you of everything fascinating in the world; easily lost in thought. She’s said in past interviews the tune was written with gal pals back home in Chicago. We’ve picked it for you all to get hooked of course, make sure you have a listen before you bounce. This New York City based songstress has recently released her very first EP titled ‘Outsider’. The album brims with emotions and is sad and beautiful in all the ways music should be. We love finding upcoming talent here at Press Pass LA. Janelle is not one to miss out on.