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Apr 19, 2021


Indie music label Future Moguls debuted “One Last Time” by Titus this week and the song is already charting in 22 countries!

The song reminds us of early 90s ska and punk bands like Blink 182, The Might Mighty Boss Stones, Green Day and even Sublime. It could be the perfect anthem for teens and millennials for a long-awaited post-pandemic summer.

“One Last Time is an anthem for enjoying something to the fullest before it crashes and burns.  I knew after the first line of the song that it was going to be a end of days record, but not a sad one.  This was going to be an action packed thriller with an anthemic melody that sounded like a pop punk powerhouse from 2005. Sometimes knowing a good thing is ending can be exciting because you’ll throw yourself into it 100% – might as well enjoy the ride, before this whole thing dies,” shared Titus.

Check out the lyric video above!

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