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Nov 12, 2017

Music Spotlight: Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters dropped their ninth studio album this year titled ‘Concrete and Gold’. The album features an impressive array of musicians including Justin Timberlake, and Paul McCartney. Dave Grohl has described the album as a collision of hard rock and pop sensibilities with an overall theme of hope and desperation.


The album features eleven songs with distinct rhythms and styles. Our personal favorite is ‘Sunday Rain’. This is one album you won’t want to miss adding to your music collection. In fact… we’d even love the Vinyl. Dave revealed in interviews the title ‘Concrete + Gold’ actually comes from a lyric in one of their songs. See how long it takes you to find it :D. The meaning behind the lyric is pretty deep and ultimately led The Foo Fighters to decide on it as the title. Besides as Dave said in an MTV interview he felt ‘Concrete and Gold’ was a hopeful title as opposed to ‘We’re all fucking doomed’. Haha take that as you will.


We’ll leave you with the insider video breakdown above of ‘Concrete and Gold’s’ creation.