Jun 14, 2023

Must Read Books For Summer 2023

Every year the hot summer book list tops our chart as the most devoured, and also most likely to hit the page to screen genre studios are creating entire adaptation departments for.

HAPPY PLACE 4.25 – Yes you can grab this now, don’t be shy and click the link. We’re predicting this as the number 1 beach read of the season.

Image Credit: @ReadingwithNikole

Since college, Harriet and Wyn have always been the perfect couple, going together like macaroni and cheese. Except now, they’ve broken up. And it’s been five months, and they haven’t told any of their friends. So when their friend group goes on their yearly trip to a cottage in Maine, the typically blissful week away is spent lying through their teeth. Naturally, they are forced to share a bedroom and deny how badly they still want each other. Will they be able to fake it in front of the people who know them best?

HOMEBODIES 5.2 – This is the type of book you can’t put down and has your gears turning as the character pulls you into her compelling narrative.

Mickey Hayward’s life is far from the messy one she left in Maryland. She’s got a devoted girlfriend, a flashy media job that makes her feel successful. At work, she is often overlooked and undervalued, but she is working hard to prove herself. Until she finds out she’s being replaced, and is enraged. She harnesses her rage to write a letter detailing all the racism, sexism, and mistreatment she dealt with as a Black woman in the media, hoping it will change the world. When her letter is met with silence, Mickey spirals into self-doubt, and finds herself back in Maryland where she is drawn to the simplicity of her old life, and the spark of an old flame. When her long-forgotten letter resurfaces and the world suddenly wants to hear what she has to say, she finds herself questioning what she really wants after all.

YELLOWFACE 5.16 – R.F. Kuang has us in a chokehold. Figueratively of course. All three of her currently published books span different genres and yet each is so compelling you can’t sleep because you must turn the page to know what happens next.

June Hayward and Athena Liu are authors breaking into the publishing industry, and both graduated from Yale. But June couldn’t even get a paperback deal, and Athena is a literary darling, telling more-than boring stories about white girls. When June witnesses a freak accident involving Athena, she steals her almost-finished manuscript, telling the story of Chinese laborers during WWI. June convinces herself that the story needs to be told, and edits the work as her own. Rebranding herself using an ambiguously ethnic author photo and the name Juniper Song, June finds herself very protective of her secret, convinced she deserves her stolen success.

BANYAN MOON 6.13 – Family is universal and this book will leave you weeping.

When Ann Tran loses her beloved grandmother, Minh, she returns home to face her estranged mother, Huơng. Ann’s mother is grieving, but still resents her mother for having a better relationship with Ann. The two learn that Minh has left them the Banyan House, bringing them together under the same roof for the first time in many years, forcing them to face the past, as well as their futures. Meanwhile, we hear the story of Minh, the only person that held them together.

IMMORTAL LONGINGS 7.25 Ahh sweet dystopian fantasy, not since “The Hunger Games” have we been more excited for a new read.

Every year in the capital twin cities of San-Er, thousands of people come to the palace to watch a set of games, where those brave and confident enough will fight to their death, winning unthinkable riches. Princess Calla Tuoleimi has been lurking in hiding since a massacre killed everyone in her palace of Er, including her parents. Turns out, she’s the one who did it. Before she gets caught, she plans to finish the job of taking down the monarchy. Her chance to greet her reclusive uncle will only present itself when he greets the victor of the games. Which only means one thing, she will have to win.