May 11, 2021

NBC Pulls The Plug On Airing The 2022 Golden Globes.

Netflix was the first major player to step up and demand further action against The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, claiming they would remove all talent from HFPA events, others followed. Now, NBC is taking the ultimate step by publicly declaring their cancellation of the 2022 network slated air date of the Golden Globes.

What was the HFPA thinking? Artists of all backgrounds regardless of age, race, religion or least of all their skin color are entitled to a fair voting process. The HFPA has been remiss in dismissing claims for more diversity. For now, the HFPA’s tactics are watered down and no one in Hollywood is willing to stand by in silence any longer. With great talents across the board, the HFPA must make changes. NBC’s decision comes on the heels of top-flight film and TV companies, Netflix, Amazon and WarnerMedia, distanced themselves from the HFPA and the Globes in recent days. The HFPA has not said whether it will try to hold a Globes ceremony next year. The 87-member group, made up of critics for overseas media outlets, has been engulfed by issues ranging from preferential treatment sought by its members to lack of diversoty in its ranks, which included no Black members, according to a Los Angeles Times investigation earlier this year.