Apr 18, 2018

Neon Carnival 2018

Coachella and Neon Carnival are almost synonymous with each other. 

We say almost because you can certainly buy a ticket to Coachella, but Neon Carnival is THE invite of the year. A night carnival filled with traditional carnival games, open bars, hair styling stations, free Levi’s Jean Swag and oh did we mention celebrities? Everyone of the whose who comes to Neon Carnival to unwind after a long day in the music festival’s sunny open spaces. Thrown by SBE it’s everything you’ve come to expect from the luxury nightlife entertainment juggernaut. Beautiful people, the best music, and fashion to die for. Don’t believe us? check out some of our favorite posts, and be sure to check out Carolina’s Instagram + Here, for our insider fun on Coachella’s big night. #Beychella and Neon Carnival? We say yes, please.

Enter the Carnival:

Just who attends Neon Carnival? Well everyone whose at Coachella for entertainment thats for sure. From Mark Whalberg to Leonardo DiCaprio…film stars turn out en masse for this fete.

 (Photo by Cassidy Sparrow/WireImage)


Still binge watching your favorite shows? Taryn Manning attended this year, and had a blast on all the carnival rides. As did rapper/model Amber Rose. But many attendees include Victoria Secret Super models like, Alessandra Ambrosio who was in town for Revolve and her clothing line: Alé.


The dance floor is the best place to be if you’re not catching a ride on the ferris wheel.


Christina Milian popped in for some fun this year as well.

(Photo by Jerod Harris/WireImage)


Let us know, will you be aiming for a winning ticket for 2019’s Neon Carnival? The epic event raffled off tickets to a couple lucky winners on social media this year. You never know, you could score next year’s tickets.