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Sep 13, 2019

Netflix and Chills

Netflix has debuted their horror line up on this Friday the 13th, alongside the trendy catchphrase Netflix and Chills. We’re here for it! Lets see what they’ve cooked up for us.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

As Netflix says: Stream.Scream.Repeat. Lets take a look at what titles they have for us now that the Halloween season is upon us.

Something streaming this way comes… Netflix has a slew of NEW films that will provide all the thrills and chills you need to survive the Halloween season, including In the Shadow of the Moon (9/27), In the Tall Grass (10/4), Fractured (10/11), Eli (10/18) and Rattlesnake (10/25). You might want to watch all of these titles with the lights on…in the middle of the day. Or at midnight, and you can kiss any hope of peaceful sleep goodbye, pick your poison.