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Sep 10, 2020

Netflix’s The Babysitter: Killer Queen Drops Today We Have Cast Interviews For You With Hana Mae Lee, Andrew Bachelor, Ken Marino and Chris Wylde

We had a chat with the cast of The Babysitter: Killer Queen and its unanimous, they had a blast. Check out what they had to say about filming the sequel.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

If you haven’t had a chance to see the original, the catch up story into this one goes like this: two years after defeating a satanic cult led by his babysitter Bee, Cole continues to be haunted by the horrific events of that night. Everyone in his life thinks he has lost his mind since Bee and all of her friends disappeared, making Cole’s story hard to believe. He is still hopelessly smitten with his best friend and next door neighbor Melanie, the only one who believes his story, who convinces him to forget the past and come to a party thrown at a nearby lake. But when old enemies unexpectedly return, Cole will once again have to outsmart the forces of evil and survive the night.

Ken Marino and Chris Wylde let us know that they kicked off their age old bromance by Ken apparating into Chris’ life, from one set to another. We can suffice to say, it happened one night in ATL.

PPLA: The movie is chock full of memorable one-liners. What was your favorite line?

CW: Well, I’m gonna tell you. Everyone was making a horror movie, but Ken and I were making a Rom-Com. The b storyline was about two friendly fathers and neighbors. The most fun I think I had was me and Ken kind of locked in a car during the night shoot, for those scenes on the road. All of that kind of happened organically, not a lot of it was on the page. Ken, McG, and I were batting back and forth, “Okay, what weird song are we going to belt out?” And we literally were firing songs out at one another. It almost was a Reba McIntire song, but we ended up with the Alana Miles one hit wonder classic “Black Velvet.”

KM: (Laughs) You know it all stems from McG’s enthusiasm for “what else can you guys do, over here, lets shoot some more stuff. You know it all stems from the fact that he (McG, The film’s director) was confident in how he was going to weave it into this crazy story. But, he definitely encouraged us to act like fools.

CW: Yeah, we’re like sure, we’ll act like idiots.

KM: He really didn’t have to encourage us. And McG is such a fan of pop culture, it just really exudes from him. And he’s such a movie buff. When we sat around for the table read for the first movie, he had us all over his house, and we had a wonderful party, and we had this table read. Before we opened our mouths to hear it on its feet for the first time, McG Said “okay, this movie is what if Quentin Tarantino directed Die Hard meets Home Alone?” And I think he 100% nailed that. And here we are for the second one, I’m thrilled.

PPLA: We have to say, for Chris, we never actually see you drive your precious car. Is there a deleted scene? Can we expect that in the 3rd movie? Will it be a deleted scene? Which, this car is ridiculous.

CW: This car is like a Hot Wheels matchbox car, this should be a toy, not an actual car that exists on this Earth. When I saw the car, I literally got weak in the knees, for the first time I saw it. I was like, oh my gosh, this is my seven year old’s dream car. This is the car I wanted to drive when I was six. But yeah, for Babysitter 3, it’s just me and Ken Marino in the Hot Wheels car, going around.

PPLA: Sounds like a big spoiler.

CW: Thats right, that’s right.

PPLA: This is a question for you Ken, where did you shoot that ritual scene? The location was amazing.

KM: Ah, I don’t know it was definitely in LA County, I want to say off the top of my head it was in north LA County.

PPLA: If you could pick any location for the 3rd movie where would it be? Where would you go for a good murder-comedy?

CW: I’d say like a ski resort.

KM: Ooooh I’d say like a European town.

CW: But we could do both! We could do sort of like a European ski resort.

KM: The first one takes place in a house, and the second takes place on a lake, what’s the natural progression? Ocean house?

CW: You need snow! You need red blood in now.

KM: Oh yeah, blood in snow! Babysitter: Mammoth

We’re not sure is McG is checking in, but… sounds like Ken and Chris have mostly written the third movie right now. (clearly we’re banking on the sequel’s success)

CW: Big Bear: Babysitter.


Netflix are you listening?

Next up we had the chance to chat with Hana Mae Lee and Andrew Bachelor about coming back for the sequel.

PPLA: Honestly, we escaped this heat wave and are on the East Coast. So we want to know if you guys are ok? Do you have power, are you alive, do you have internet?

HML: I lost power for twelve hours. The power just got back on at 5:20 in the morning. We don’t have air conditioning in the house, and it was 99 degrees in the house.

PPLA: We hope you contorted yourself into your freezer at that point.

HML: I was just in the car the whole time, with the dogs. I was like get in the car, and turned on the ac. It was so crazy.

AB: I’m in Atlanta right now, it’s nice here.

PPLA: We wanted to start off by talking about the disco/70’s/80’s dance scene mash up in the film. (this entire sequence needs to be released in an extended cut STAT @Netflix)

HML: Our dance scene got cut so much. We had so many good moments in that. We were trying to do that weird back throw in that.

AB: They cut it out?!?

HML: Yeah!

At PPLA we’d like to state for the record we demand justice for the dance scene. Give us all of it. The world wants more of it. We’re all stuck in the house. This could be an epic mini release.

HML: I hope they do show it. We filmed it for hours, and did a lot of signature moves and stuff.

PPLA: If you had a chance to make a third movie, where would you want to set the location?

AB: Anywhere but Lake Pyru. It was cold!

HML: Should we do like a final destination, at an amusement park? I’m so scared of roller coasters now.

AB: We can do it at Disney.

HML: Yes, there we go perfect. Murder in the little tea cups.

AB: You know, I would put it in Dubai.

PPLA: Hana since you’ve had a chance to see the finished film, do you have any favorite one-liners?

HML: Yes, I love “it’s gonna be so good” (with the cookie). And without saying when or who for spoilers, I love “You came for me.” I love that, because I’m the only one who loves the Dark Arts in the movie.

PPLA: How long was this shoot for you guys?

HML: I think mine was spread across 14 days.

AB: Yeah, It was like a 6-8 week shoot.

PPLA: What are you guys working on next? It looks like your schedules are both so busy.

AB: Right now I’m in Atlanta working on a movie with John Cena.

PPLA: Thats awesome, do you know when this movie is expected out, or how long you’re filming?

AB: Yeah well, right now, there’s actually no end date because of Covid-19. If someone gets sick we have to stop. We haven’t but yeah, you know. So there’s no end date right now.

HML: Right now we’re starting pre-production. I’m going to direct my first feature.

PPLA: Tell us more about this! People need to know more about this.

HML: Theres no blood or killing per se in this one. We’re going to shoot here in Santa Monica, so there’s a lot of restrictions. We’re hoping to shoot in October, but we’re still figuring all of the things out with Covid-19, and they’re not really letting people film yet because of Covid-19, so we’re figuring all of that out. But, it’s a coming of age dramedy, about a family in Santa Monica. It’s a really beautiful, sweet, fun, slice of life story. I play a supporting part in it, but I’m just really excited to direct it. I already have my leads, and hopefully we can do it by this year. We’re planning on it so hopefully it happens.

PPLA: How was the process for you? Did you also write this script, or was it a collaboration?

HML: Well, the script originally came to me because they were interested in me playing one of the roles in there. And, I was like, I love this script whose directing it? And they said they were up in the air, (on a director). So I said, great I want to direct it. And then I was talking to the family more, because it’s based on their life. And I felt they should be my leads. Which led to me helping out with the re-writes. I saw the story very clear in my mind, how I wanted to tell it. So, I worked on the re-writes but it’s based on an original story, and hopefully it’s going to have a lot of heartfelt beautiful moments, and my love letter to LA.

PPLA: What is your favorite memory you’re taking away from this film?

HML: I could do 80 more films with you guys, you guys are so giving as actors and just like nice people to be working with. I also got my decapitated head. Did you keep anything Bach?

AB: Oh I kept everything, I stole…uhh I mean I was “gifted” my front gummy thing. My favorite memory was really just hanging with everyone, and the crew, and McG, our producer too. They’re great, you know it’s just so much fun. The behind the scenes is my favorite part.