Jun 26, 2020

Neue House Presents: #SafeSpace + Pride & Prejudice

Join NeueHouse Members Danielle James, founder of Model Citizen, and Adam MacLean, founder #PostShame as they share a safe space to ask each other tough questions they may be afraid to ask in any other context.

Image Courtesy of Neue House

#SafeSpace is run with the tag “tough conversations in good humor.” At a time when many BIPOC might feel inundated with questions from their well-intentioned white friends and white folks feel like they’re always at risk of saying the wrong thing, join us for a discussion about looking inward, asking tough questions and simply holding space for one another. Neue House hopes this conversation encourages viewers to have the tough conversations with the people in our respective lives. Change is a grassroots movement and we each play a part. 


Friday, June 26th | 11 AM, PDT | 2 PM, EDT