Oct 14, 2021

New App ‘CLASH’ Debuts With Intention To Aid In Monetization For Content Creators

People love to consume internet videos, and for many, that is their daily work flow. Clash is a Los Angeles based app that is co-founded by former Vine star Brendon McNerney in hopes to aid in the monetization of original video content.

Image Courtesy: NRPR

As an incentive the new app is Clash,(formerly byte), is gifting hundreds of complimentary “Drops” to new users at launch free of charge, effectively empowering all users to begin paying it forward within the Clash Creator Economy
from Day 1 to normalize giving to creators and supporting them freely. If you’re asking what are “Drops” don’t worry we did too. The app’s idea is from the first day someone creates an account they’ll have the ability to follow, share, like and comment on Clash just like any other social media platform. However, their real differentiator is something called “Drops,” which live in the same place as all the other engagement tools and operate as in-app digital goods that can be redeemed once a month for money.

The new app details:

Drops: Instead of clicking like, support your favorites and encourage them by giving them cash in
from of a drop, with a single click. Everyone is gifted drops at the start so people can start giving
freely, right away.
Video Length: videos top out at 30 seconds, not too short, not too long.
Channels: It’s easy to choose your favorite types of content based on your interests.
Original Content: a variety of original content from creators not seen on other
platforms. They encourage creators to give their ride or die fans more of a backstage pass on

Users can download the Clash app today through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or by visiting: