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Mar 26, 2021

Dinner Diaries: New Chef Announcement Celebrity Chef Kay Kay Brings New Life To 40 Love

Cheff Kay Kay is in the house at 40 Love, bringing a new level of upgrade to your favorite posh sporting hub.

Image Courtesy: EMC Bowrey PR

Kayla Greer, professionally known as Chef Kay Kay, is a celebrity chef based in Los Angeles. Her passion for cooking, coupled with her natural ability in the kitchen, has propelled her to become one of the most sought-after chefs in the entertainment and sport worlds. She travels around the world with her clients, designing customized meals that cater to each individual’s lifestyle and dietary needs. Some of her celebrity clientele include: Demi Lovato, Diddy, Drake, Migos, Jhene Aiko, Von Miller, and the late, great Nipsey Hussle.
Kayla Greer is the founder of The Saffron Agency, a group of professional chefs who work together to staff their A-List clientele and events. Each chef is hand-selected by Kayla, who is hands-on throughout the training process, instilling in each chef the value of believing in their work and sharing her same professionalism. Additionally, she created a spice line awaiting its release this upcoming year. We got a sneak peak of her upcoming spices, and apartment dwellers, we’re telling you the design is going to blow your space conscious mind.

As of March 11th, 2021 – Celebrity Chef Kay Kay joins The h.wood Group’s & Sean Mullholland’s country club themed sports restaurant lounge, 40 Love, as the Creative Executive Chef, revamping the menu with new creations with lots of flavor and modern classics. We knew we had to take a look at her brand new take of what to expect from a posh sports locale, in the heart of West Hollywood.

40 Love is named for it’s Tennis counter-part where forty is a winning game, and Love is zero. The ambiance is fresh and sporty, as servers greet you in what you imagine as tradionally classic tennis wear. Chef Kay Kay whipped a brand new menu into existence in just three weeks. A collaboration between her and h.Wood group that came from an organic meeting, through a friend’s invitation to another celebrated spot of theirs SLAB. We always hear stories of starlets and directors getting a break from a friend of a friend, but talk about preparation meeting opportunity. Los Angeles is the city of dreams, and Chef is cooking her way to the top. She joined us for our media tasting and ushered us through her favorite dishes.

We kicked off our appetizers with Caviar. Yes. Go ahead and read it twice. A sports bar that offers caviar. Let that set up your expectations, because you won’t be disappointed. Chef Kay Kay let us know that the caviar 40 Love uses is sourced from a local vendor as well, which is always delightful to hear. With Los Angeles needing to restore its economy, it’s encouraging to hear about bigger restaurant groups putting commerce back into the city. The caviar comes paired with creme fraiche and chives, served on ice alongside potato chips. Think of this as the most decadent sour cream and onion chip you will ever enjoy in your life. If you’ve never tried it, this is the place to give it a go. The caviar isn’t insanely priced, and you can play with how much of each topping you use to balance the flavor profile. The order should be chip, load with creme fraiche, top with chives (be generous), finish with caviar, eat then repeat.

The Buffalo Chicken dish is full stop the best thing you can possibly eat. We actually woke up mad the next day, because we wanted more. This is the kind of dish you definitely will want to order a few of if you’re rolling with your homies, you definitely can’t have just one bite. It would be criminal to. We’re holding out on them putting this on speed dial.

Seafood lovers are going to be thrilled to know that crabcake sliders are on the menu. The crab cake is served on a pretzel bun and topped with arugula, which makes for a great flavor pairing.

We also gave their sweet potato truffles fries a run, and they’re so good they could be on the dessert menu.

We saw fried chicken deviled eggs on the menu and couldn’t resist. It’s not everyday deviled eggs are on the menu, and we’ve certainly never had them with fried chicken. After having them arrive the excitement built as we realized the deviled eggs we’re basically topped with a chunk little fried chucken nugget. The combination is tasty, but you might want to think it through if you’re on a date. We’d put it at the top of our must orders for a day/night out with the guys or girls, but maybe not the top if you’re coming for a sports date-night out. You know…breath and all that.

For the mains we tried Chef’s shrimp taco’s which are an original recipe of hers she created originally for her friends. We love to know where our food comes from, and somehow that makes the tacos even more delicious. Its pretty cool to know that a special dish made for someone’s friends is now being served to so many people around LA. Knowing that it’s like being let in on a little insider trading secret. The tacos aren’t you rregualr shrimp pairing. You’ll find a nicely toasted corn tortilla with sautéed tiger shrimp, a jalapeño cilantro slaw which gives it a nice kick, cotija cheese, and tomatillo crema.

Finally in a turn we didn’t see coming, chef whipped up the fanciest Hamburger Helper you will ever encounter. There is a fusili pasta on the menu with wagyu gound beef (we know, right?) in a creamy vodka sauce. This is it, it’s the chef’s kiss of comfort food you love to discover at a bar.

We finished with dessert, a perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie in a cast iron skillet topped with vanilla ice cream. All we needed was a Laker’s game on tv, guess we’ll just have to go back.