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Jan 6, 2016


Since New Girl normally premiere’s in the fall, I was a little nervous that the show’s fifth season had a later premiere.

Personally, I thought that the show could potentially take a turn for a worse due to casting changes and Zoey Deschanel’s pregnancy. However, this FOX program’s season premiere didn’t disappoint. Other than having Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) exiting the show for a second time being a noticeable change, the theme song has changed once again! Will they just leave it be?

Since the episode revolves around Cece and Schmidt’s engagement party, the audience is finally introduced to Cece’s (Hannah Simone) mom. In addition to this, the roommates continuously claim that this is the “year of us” due to the exciting things happening within their lives, alongside things that will continue to happen for them.

At the show’s beginning, in typical Schmidt fashion, he gets down on one knee to ask Nick to be his best man while showcasing a gold ring with the letters “BM”—standing for Best Man—engraved in it. Not to mention, we even get to see a dance number from Schmidt (Max Greenfield) alongside a brief appearance from Nick (Jake Johnson) as he tries to fulfill his BM duties.

An interesting feature within this episode is Deschanel’s preganacy. Since Jessica Day isn’t pregnant, the showrunner’s went to great lengths to hide it—including having Jess fall down a flight of stairs—which was hysterical, by the way—so that she had to maneuver around in a motorized wheelchair. In addition to this, she was often surrounded by numerous pillows or bundled up in layers. I still feel that the showrunner’s should’ve written in Deschanel’s pregnancy so that Jess and Nick have a baby, but I guess I am just a hopeless shipper of the former couple.

As an episode highlight, the show brought back a popular running gag—Winston’s terrible pranks. Winston (Lamorne Morris) is infamous for pulling pranks that go too big or too small. As a personal favorite, it was funny to see Winston add Nick’s name to a sex offenders list—definitely laughed hysterically on that one.

Although New Girl’s fifth season had a promising start, it will be interesting to see how they keep up this momentum as Megan Fox temporarily replaces Jess as she enters sequestration (aka, Deschanel is on maternity leave).

Make sure to catch New Girl Tuesday at 8pm on FOX!