Sep 17, 2011


Fox’s New Girl, airing Tuesdays at 9, has answered my question, “What ever happened to TV show theme songs?” Until the “new millenium”, all our favorite shows began with a memorable sing-along that encapsulated the show in two minutes. Now, finally, we get a theme song with lyrics, sung by the star of the show, no less!

The pilot episode begins with a ridiculous strip show performed by Deschanel’s clueless Jess, who finds her man with another woman. This sends Jess on an apartment hunt which culminates in her moving in with three guys: Schmidt, a douchey womanizer with a heart of gold, Coach, a boot camp style trainer with a heart of gold, and Nick, a regular dude who still pines for his ex…with a heart of gold. Though they have reservations, the guys take Jess in because they’re interested in the fact that all her friends are models, but they are stumped by her at first.

The problem with this pilot is, we as viewers are also stumped by Jess. She is gorgeous, has good taste in glasses and trench coats, and knows how to do her hair up just right, but at one point she puts on overalls to go on a date and must be rescued by her model friend who provides her with the little black dress off her back. It’s hard to believe that Jess can’t dress herself for a date when she clearly looks great in the other scenes. Another issue: since when did models befriend quirky girls who quote Lord of the Rings and sing themselves through every situation? And if these models are good enough friends to come over and supply Jess with clothes and guidance before her date, why isn’t Jess just living with them instead of three random men?  The episode culminates in a cheese-fest of singing and improbable goodwill on the part of the new roommates, but since this is only the pilot episode, I will excuse these inconsistencies and expect all the characters to become more three-dimensional as time goes on.

The show does have its funny moments. In a Family Guy fashion, for example, there are plenty of quick, silly flashbacks cut in to help illustrate what the characters are talking about, and all the actors have the potential to be hilarious if given the right moments. The bottom line? New Girl is definitely watchable if a bit squeaky clean, but because it has a premise that allows for tons of future conflict and plot, it might just have the potential to endure.