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Oct 30, 2015


Rebecca Reid is more than just a pretty face. You can’t deny this London-born actress is stunning and you’ve probably spotted her as a fashion model on the pages of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar a few times. But more likely, you recognize her as Nadia from FOX’s hit TV show “New Girl.” We sat down to chat with Rebecca about her latest Comedy Central show “I Live with Models” and her top secret (Ssshh!) project featuring her standup character Audrey Mouse.


Rebecca Reid on “I Live with Models” on Comedy Central UK

PPLA: You just starred in the Comedy Central original sitcom “I Live With Models”. It’s airing in 92 countries. but do you think it will come to the U.S. soon? How has the response been overseas?

RR: 93 countries if North Korea loosen up a bit! Everything I’ve heard has been positive, and you know what they say – you’ve not made it until you’ve made it in Ecuador.

PPLA: What has been the most surprising or farthest place a fan of “I Live With Models” has come from and what did they have to say?

RR: Somebody left me a message on Instagram last week saying ‘Merry Me’. Not sure if they want to marry me, or they just want to cheer me up. Anyway I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar, so I can tell you right now this marriage isn’t going to work.

PPLA: You’ve been the only recurring guest star on New Girl since season one. What do you attribute to your characters staying power?

RR: I’m certain people like characters – especially in comedy – who do and say things we would never get away with in real life. Nadia’s Russian so she hasn’t got any filters – she tells it straight – and that’s a pretty good quality in anyone.

PPLA: What has it been like working with the New Girl cast? Is there any cast member you enjoy working with the most?


Rebecca Reid and Max Greenfield on “New Girl”

RR: I’m very lucky on New Girl, it’s a really magical ensemble. Of course everyone is amazing to work with, but Max is super fun, and I would love to do a scene with Jake.

PPLA: It’s a scripted show but given the quirky personalities, is their ever room for improv on set? How much of that makes it to air?

RR: It’s a credit to the writers if people think we improvise things. The secret to top quality comedy writing is to deliver big jokes whilst still making a scene look natural and improvised.

PPLA: Speaking of comedy, you perform standup at major LA venues and have opened for major comics. Were you ever starstruck by anyone you opened for? Anyone you admired the most or that gave you advice that really stood out?

RR: I’m too busy being terrified to be star struck. I would like to open for Antony Jeslenik; I think he has great material and I love his style. Vincent Gallo said he would come and heckle me, but sadly he didn’t. I would have really enjoyed that. Advice-wise, John Patrick Shanley once said: ‘When you go out into the audience, think: ‘Don’t spill your champagne Rebecca!’


Rebecca Reid performs standup as character Audrey Mouse

PPLA: What can you tell us about the show you are developing around your character Audrey Mouse

RR: Okay, I can’t say anything yet… but here’s a tidbit – it’s a totally new way to tell and see a story! How do you like them apples?!

PPLA: I guess we will have to wait to hear more but sounds exciting!  Are there any type of roles you haven’t you gotten to play yet that you would like to tackle?

RR: Oh, a huge sweeping period drama for sure! You know, big costumes, big houses, big hair. And a properly nasty little horror flick.

PPLA: What actors or directors are your dream collaborations?

RR: David Lynch, David Duchovny, Tim Burton… But top of the pile is Meryl Streep. Queen Meryl.


Actress Rebecca Reid

PPLA:  What comes to mind first…go!
Favorite movie: Lost Highway
Favorite song: Janis Jopling Piece of my Heart
Favorite restaurant in LA: La Poubelle
Item you can’t travel without: Masion Michael hat
Go to fashion piece: Saint Laurent boots
Performing superstition: Tuning my uke in a bathroom stall.

Rebecca’s next show is set for Dec. 16th at the Venice Underground at 9:30pm for Comedy Central, with a December date at the Hollywood Improv TBD. To keep up with her performance dates visit

You can also catch Rebecca as a guest on the Inside Noise Radio show  Thursday November 19th.

Check out I Live with Models on Comedy Central UK.