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Mar 22, 2019

Artist Spotlight: X. ARI

Electro alt-pop artist/songwriter X. ARI has released her new single and title track from her upcoming EP, “Uni-Fi” (out in June), which is based on yin yang philosophy. As an expression of the darker side, or “yang,” X. ARI introduces her male alter ego IRA X. who is featured on the track. The song conveys an internal struggle with duality, which drives the need for unification and acceptance of all parts of self. In our interview last year, X. ARI talked to us about turning pain into power, a theme that seems to remain central in her songs. Uni-fi is emotional and driving, with a hip-hop beat in the chorus that compliments X. ARI’s creative & silky vocal melodies. Check it out below and look out for X.ARI’s EP in June!