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Apr 29, 2014


Press Pass LA  sat down with pop rock group Starling Glow who recently scored a Top 20 Billboard Dance hit with “We Are Infinite” (Dave Aude Remix). 

PPLA: When did you first get involved with music and realize that you wanted to create it?

SG: I grew up in a family where music felt like second nature. Everyone in my family sings and plays an instrument; my folks met in high school and formed a band together while they were both still teenagers. (I have their band photos from the 70’s and 80’s. Priceless!) Again, music was so innate, apparently my first word after “Mama” and “Dad” was
“guitar.” My parents never pressured me musically though. I always wanted to be a singer, even when they warned me how hard the music business can be. I used to write stories as a small child, and over time, the stories became poems, and the poems became songs. Whenever I feel a strong emotion, positive, negative or anywhere in-between, I have to write it down in order to process how I’m feeling… And that usually turns into lyrics. Being able to take the songs, get some friends together in a band and perform them is the best release in the world… from my very first show, I was hooked.

PPLA: Who in music has influenced you and why have they impacted you?

SG: My influences are all over the place! I have the radio presets in my car set to an alt rock station, a Top 40 pop station, a country station, a classic rock station and a jazz station. (I must admit, smooth jazz isn’t my favorite, but they play the best holiday music… which is my favorite music of all time!) I can sing along to nearly every song on each station, regardless of genre. I grew up on some great female singers, like Bonnie Raitt, Heart, and Dolly Parton. They didn’t have to be sex symbols or make tabloids to stay relevant- they wrote great music and told a story with their songs. I admire them for that. Also, Gwen Stefani is my girl. OC represent!

PPLA: What are you wanting people to take away from your work?

SG: Each song on the album has its own feel or mood- some songs are a reflection of me feeling on top of the world, and others are a product of me feeling like the rug got pulled out from below my feet. I hope that listeners can put on the album and simply relate- that they can turn up the power anthems and cruise the freeway with the windows down
feeling limitless… or put on the angry break up songs and have a punching match with their pillow… or play the love songs and swoon thinking of the special person in their life! That would be all I could hope for!

PPLA: Please tell us more about your single. Are there more singles coming and why is this one so special to you?

SG: My first single is “We are Infinite”. I think it’s special to me for a few reasons… You only get to have a first single once in your career, and for this one to be doing so well is more than I could ever ask for! Also, before getting signed and having the opportunity to make this album, I had almost given up on making music. This song was one of the last we wrote for the album, and it came out of the realization that I was finally getting to live out my dream. I felt limitless, I felt infinite. And I think everyone deserves to feel that way… that’s why the song is called “We Are Infinite”, not I am infinite or you are infinite. It encourages everyone to go out there and chase down whatever it is that makes them come alive. My next single “Ignite” is actually my favorite track off the album, so keep your ears open for that one!

PPLA:  How does growing up in Cali influence your music?

SG: There’s no place like SoCal, especially for music fans! Music is an integral part of the culture here, and though Los Angeles is geographically so close, I feel that Orange County has a distinct musical scene. I constantly haunted a little club in Anaheim called Chain Reaction that would bring in so many diverse acts. The venue is tiny, which is awesome because no matter where you are, you’re so close to the band. Even better still, all the acts load their gear in and out of the front of the venue, so I was able to meet with and talk to a lot of the bands my friends and I looked up to. It was also amazing to be close enough to LA to play historic clubs like the Whiskey a Go Go, the Viper Room, the Knitting Factory, and be home in time to not upset my parents on a school night! (laughs).

You can see Starling Glow next on May 3rd at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, on tour with Cinco 2 featuring IM5, Weekly Chris, Diamond White + more