May 21, 2018

Night Market Conquers LA Times Food Bowl

Food Bowl is back!!! Taking over Downtown, and taking names, the Night Market is a foodie’s paradise.¬†

We had a blast trying out various recipes and discovering new spots we just HAVE to get our hands on moving forward.

Do you see this baby!? We were OBSESSED Lobsterdamus. This whole lobster on garlic noodles was LIFE. Number 1 pick in our book!

For seafood lovers with a taste for adventure and exotic tastebuds we nominate the Sea Urchins from Broad Street Oyster Co. as a must try.


You have not LIVED until you’ve stuffed your face with Blue Star donuts!! Really, we can’t recommend them enough.

Make sure to check out our INSTA as we share our favorite picks from the night market with fun videos of the night! Until next year!