L.A. Local, Underground
Jul 10, 2013


When it comes to fashion you don’t automatically think, two black heterosexual males. Fortunately in this case, this dynamic combination is the pioneer for changing Los Angeles style for good. Meet NorrisXThrash.

The NorrisXThrash brand is composed of celebrity fashion stylists, Norris and Thrash. Both from different, small towns in Georgia, are roaming the streets in Los Angeles with bold style and aggressive visions.

As fashion stylists, NorrisXThrash bring designer’s brands to life in a way never imagined. Simply put, They put looks together to make fashion masterpieces!

NorrisXThrash believe fashion is a Lifestyle. And your lifestyle is your personal brand. They want to show people on the West Coast, specifically Los Angeles that fashion should always be “on” no matter where you are going. Even “casual” outfits can have character and charisma. Fashion represents you and your life. “Your appearance is your personality. Let your personality show through your fashion,” NorrisXThrash.

NorrisXThrash have been selected to style the first ever Men’s Fashion week in the U.S. that will be held in Los Angeles, CA, the week of October 14, 2013. These two highly sought after gentleman are not only making a mark — they are building a global brand. To find out more about the NorrisXThrash brand you can go to their website NorrisXThrash.com.