Oct 27, 2016

Lucha Va Voom “Halloween Madness” Experience Takes Over the Mayan

Lucha Va Voom hosted their two-day annual “Halloween Madness” show starting Wednesday night at the Mayan Theater in Downtown LA.

This event is known for it’s mix of wrestling and burlesque, hence a mixture of “sex and violence.” However, what sounds like a good idea can easily fall through.

Mexican wrestlers entertain fans at the Lucha Va Voom.

Mexican wrestlers entertain fans at the Lucha Va Voom.

For actual wrestling fans who would want to attend Lucha Va Voom for the wrestling portion of the show, it’s best they look elsewhere. Granted, the show performs in front of sold out crowds, it’s clear that most who are in attendance are not regulars. Instead it is people who are either “curious” or “want to try something new.”

The Mayan is a good place to host this kind of show, especially for Halloween Madness! It helps highlight the ideal theme of the show. The accompanying videos and music selection added to the ambience, along with great production value.

However, as for the entertainment, it seemed a bit mediocre. Not just for the regular wrestling fan but also for the newcomers. In comparison to other wrestling promotions in Southern California, the ticket price is high and lacks the same quality. It is clear that this is a show based on theme and aimed more towards new eyeballs.

Lucha Va Voom, will most likely keep selling out their shows because the theme of the show is both appealing and fun, and for those who are curious to see what it’s all about, you will definitely be shocked! But for the avid wrestling fan, the show might fall short of your expectations.