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Apr 30, 2023

Now Loading: Our Favorite Summer Movies

With summer on the horizon we thought we’d round up some of our favorite movies that make any summer night a little extra special.

There is a drive in movie theater in Los Angeles that has a lake….you know where we’re going right? JAWS. Is it even Memorial Day weekend if you haven’t served Bloody Mary’s and popped on Jaws by the beach or even better, gone off to experience it at Boat Cinema?! Jaws to us is the epitome of a summer kick off movie. We don’t need to tell you the plot do we? Just watch the trailer if you do. It’s the best. Period.

Next up is the perfect way to rekindle your love of travel and summertime with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A classic, that mixes travel, adventure, friendship alongside coming of age. What’s not to love?

Stuck on love? the 90’s and early 00’s delivered some of the highlights of the Rom-Com and there is nothing better than How Stella Got Her Groove Back to get you in the grove for summer.

Take yourself away to our favorite state with Blue Crush. Nothing helps your love of ocean more than a reminder of why Hawaii is the most gorgeous state in the union, with its perpetual summer alongside this heartwarming story of a local girl breaking into the majors of surfing. Blue Crush is the perfect summer must-see.

Feeling nostalgic for family vacations? We’ve got your covered with Dirty Dancing. “Nobody puts baby in the corner!” Which is exactly why this film should be on your must-see list for the summer.

The film that launched a franchise, takes us back to our early twenties and late teens when car culture had a choke-hold on society. Relive the adventure that made Honda Civics the most modified cars on the planet. Of course we’re talking about The Fast and The Furious.

This poignat story is very close to our hearts here. Now and Then is possibly the best coming of age to ever hit the big screen. Put this at the top of your viewing list, you’ll thank us later.

What summer movie list is complete with out an Italian summer? Roman Holiday is firmly on our to-do list for your summer viewing pleasure. (Sighs admiringly at Audrey Hepburn, an angel)

Of course we’re not done. Don’t be silly no list is complete without a musical (or two!) Mamma Mia has to make the list. It’s love! Its music! It’s Greece!!! Therefore it’s a must.

To really bring coming of age full circle we’d be remiss to leave out the master of storytelling writer and director Hayao Miyazaki, the genius behind Studio Ghibli. For summer we’ve paired our love of the hot summer months with his classic Kiki’s Delivery Service. We dare you not to cry. Now, off to pick your next new city to visit and make friends…just like Kiki. Who knows you might get a black cat too. Did you notice the loaded voice cast?

Set sail for the high seas with Pirates of the Caribbean! No summer is complete without Captain Jack Sparrow.

We can’t have a summer movie list withouth the Queen of Rom-Com’s, Kate Hudson. Don’t you dare abuse our love fern. This movie is a must for any summer movie list.

It would feel like high treason to write any film list and leave out Wes Anderson. You can’t let this summer go by without watching Moonrise Kingdom. It’s everything you want in a summer movie and more. Plus, think of all the ideas you’ll have for your next TikTok.

Let them eat cake. Indulge your summer movie list with Marie Antoinette, it’s written, directed and made for women by women. So…go ahead, order yourself a cake, pop yourself on your sofa and enjoy one of the most decadent period pieces ever made.

Crossing over to the Pacific, we’d be lost without the mix of comedy and fashion that is the sensation of Crazy Rich Asians. We honestly saved the best for last. Happy summer movie watching.