May 28, 2020

‘Nubia’ Graphic Novel Focusing on Wonder Woman’s Twin Sister Finally Gets Green Light

Wonder Woman’s lesser-known twin sister is finally going to get the spotlight she deserves almost half a century after she first appeared in Dc Comics lore. , the YA graphic novel is set for early next year titled Nubia: Real One.

Illustration Robyn Smith/DC

Nubia was introduced in 1973’s Wonder Woman No. 204, with her backstory revealed two issues later. Nubia was created by Queen Hippolyta at the same time as Diana was. Both characters were formed out of the same clay, and brought to life together by the ancient gods. Nubia’s story takes a turn when she’s kidnapped and raised away from her sister. Diana was never even told of her existence. The character has only made a handful of appearances in the decades since her debut storyline, its about time she has a novel all her own.

The graphic novel revival of the character will be led by YA novelist L.L. McKinney and artist Robyn Smith. In a statement, McKinney explained how Nubia’s graphic novel came to be. “What’s funny is I didn’t initially set out to pitch a Nubia graphic novel. I was invited to pitch something else, but I made the decision when writing the pitch itself to add in Nubia. I’ve been a fan since pretty much birth, and I’ve watched her get moved around and appear in various iterations, none of them touching me the same way her original one had. I mean, this was Wonder Woman’s twin sister, just as strong, just as fast, if not stronger and faster. And she was black! So, I added her in to my pitch for the other project. I guess something about her stuck out to the team because they emailed me and essentially asked for a pitch about Nubia.” She said.

This is one graphic novel we wish was already on the big screen. Page to screen is chomping at the bit for this series. We could venture to see Nubia on the big screen as well as stealing our hearts weekly on a tv show. What is the CW doing anyways, they just lost Batwoman, they should be developing Nubia.