Jan 8, 2021

Office Must Haves For Working From Home

With more sheltering in place on order or on the horizon, it’s time to beef up your home office to be better prepared for working from home.

Image Courtesy: Mia Baker

First up we love this webcam cover you can find on Amazon. It is easy and a great feature for making sure that your webcam is blocked for your privacy when you’re not using it. Plus, its cute. Did we mention it comes in pink? It does. Click here for your webcam cover.

Next on our office must haves is this incredibly well priced wireless keyboard. It also comes in pink, (we’re not squealing you are). In addition to being bluetooth compatible to pair with your devices, the key board comes with a slot that holds both your iPhone, Samsung, or iPad/tablet of your choice.

These acrylic stackable boxes are perfect for organizing and saving space on your home office desk. We love that they come with a gold or silver bottom office, a little pop of metallic on your desk goes a long way.

Get rid of the out dated eraser board, or the messiness of chalk with this acrylic standing desk board. The best part is clean up, is just a wipe off away as you go through your day.

This curved white monitor was originally intended for gaming, but we promise that is is a game changer! The design is flawlessly integrated for your macbook or pc and will give you a much better vantage when you’re working from home all day. The curve makes a huge difference you’ll realize you didn’t even know you needed.

These stylus pens are a personal favorite of ours. If you work with any digital rendering, or social media these little pens pack a powerful difference. We love how effortlessly they make creating fonts with writing tools for working in the digital space. Let us know what you think once you’ve given them a run.

Get your body moving with this bike desk which also transforms into a standing desk. We might not all be able to afford Peloton, which makes a bike desk a perfect investment that won’t dent your bank account.

We’re putting this on immediate order! A coffee warmer that sits on your desk and can double as a wireless charger? Yes, yes, and more yes! We are guilty of getting up at least twice to meander to our microwave to warm the coffee, several times in the course of a single morning. This desk top, tiny miracle is a saving grace. (Three cheers for no more cold coffee)

With so much going on in the limited space most of us have for a home office, this multiple usb charger tower is a must have. We can’t run out of power when we have to get work done, and if we trip over one more cord we’re bound to lose our minds. This puts everything right at your finger tips and gives you the space and power you need to get your work done, without being taken over by bulky items.

Be honest, have you been working alot from bed? Hey you’re home and no one can see you, we’re not judging. But, we are here to present you with a solution. Stop propping your computer up on a pillow and check out this marble lap desk that even includes a spot for your phone and a wireless mouse. Keep your laptop cool, while also improving your posture as you write from your comfortable bed.

There are alot of laptop stands on the market, but this one is our personal favorite. The stand comes in a variety of colors and will improve your posture as you type away all day. Don’t get a hump in your neck from bending and looking down at your computer. Check this out, you won’t regret it.

We love lighting a candle for inspiration while we write, which is why we were so excited to find this electric candle lighter. It comes in a variety of colors and you can charge it right from your laptop to light your candles. Bye matches and pesky gas lighters.