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Jan 12, 2014


The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills played host to the Golden Globes gifting lounge this past weekend, and what a perfect setting it proved to be. The hotel boasts a grand beauty worthy of the longstanding majesty that is the Golden Globes.

This year in particular saw many exciting new products produced both locally, as well as many from Canada. Here’s what we had the pleasure of checking out first hand:

High Tea Bakery– Based in Winnepeg, this bakery specializes in custom cookies and cakes. We sampled a shortbread cookie with a fruit filling. Delicious!

Sugar Blossom A truly unique jewelry company: no two pieces are alike! Each bracelet or necklace is woven with fabric and metal for a chic eclectic look. Treat yourself at

Bead-A-Bling Inc.- We were spoiled with another special jewelry company: Bead-A-Bling blends beads and designs from different tribes to create vibrant, eye-catching designs.

Dr. Allan M. Goldstein– Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Goldstein specializes in helping children dealing with Hirschsprung’s disease—a disfunction of part or all of the large intestine. To help spread awareness and get a “Shit Happens” t-shirt visit the twitter profile.

Paul Venoit– I had the honor of getting my makeup done by celebrity hair/makeup artist and television personality. He told me I was ballsy!

Dr. R. Bruce McFarlane– Orthodontist to the stars, Dr. McFarlane is not only a straightener of smiles, but also a brightener! His specialization is braces on the inside of your teeth so as not to cause attention. He also offers a product that removes the unsightly stain of red wine: Wine2White! Each wand contains 10-12 uses!

Janie Jewels– Janie is up to speed on going green: all of her jewelry is comprised of reclaimed items. She reuses everything from the tabs on soda cans to CDs, to legos. Even her gift boxes are made from recycled cardboard and plastic! Shipping available in Canada and the US at JanieJewelsCanada

Farmery- North America’s first estate brewery focuses on the quality of traditional ingredients—they grow their own barley and hops, and it shows. In addition to brewing a quality lager, they also make a handcrafted artisan soap! To learn more and get your hands on their product go to

Elman’s Kosher Deli Foods– Who doesn’t love a good kosher pickle?! Elman’s is a family run business that is sure to uphold quality of product. Check out for local purchases.

Lilyfield Cakes– Another Canadian favorite, Lilyfield delivers delectable cakes in reclaimed hat boxes topped with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Make someone’s birthday special! Visit to purchase.

Bobby Wills– The Canadian country singer/songwriter was kind enough to show up in support and donate one of his guitars. Kevin Bacon even saw fit to sign it!

Gris Gris Factory- Designer Barry Richards is passionate about his craft and it shows in the jewelry he creates. With styles for men and women, each piece is precise and creative. Shop online at

Oh, Canada!