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Oct 24, 2023

Olivia Culpo Serves As Ambassador for Revolutionary Health Tech TruBody

truBody held a private event so celebrate their innovative tech that helps you cut lbs and cut abs in as little as 15 minute sessions!

Image Credit: Matilda Kjell

Have you always dreamed of washboard abs? Well, truBody is here to help you achieve those goals. The company held a private event to share the efficacy of their revolutionary tech with a select group of influencers and media in West Hollywood, CA. Melrose place was the place to be as Olivia Culpo shared how she lost two inches from her waist from adding truBody to her regular workout routine, and healthy lifestyle.

truBody is a body sculpting technology from Cutera that emulates the process of 54,000 crunches without you actually having to step foot inside a gym or even invest in workout gears! The muscle-building, fat-reducing technology (formally known as truBody by Cutera) replicates strengthening, toning and firming exercises, helping fitness-averse folks like myself achieve 54,000 crunches in the space of 15 minutes.

We learned so much as we readied to try this cutting edge technology in beauty. Something to note before thrusting yourself onto the massage bed is that due to the nature of the electrical currents used in the treatment, body hair does need to be removed in all areas to be treated during your sessions. We were advised to drink plenty of water too, as much like a sweat sesh at the gym, a loss of fluids is typical during a body sculpting treatment. We were also warned against exercising 12 hours prior to our treatment, which let be honest, how many of us are still struggling to get back into that routine? Right.

The feeling of trying the device might be the most interesting. If you’ve ever done PT and had to use a tens unit you’ll definietly be familiary with the sensation. Otherwise, it’s much like the sharp zap of an electrical shock or the fuzzy tingling one experiences after rubbing their hair on a balloon. The slight sensation of electrical currents run over your skin and through your muscles, which if you’re anything like our editor will leave you giggling or howling with laughter. Laugh your way to abs? Yes please.

The event also featured Ear Seeding which was a new experience for us and a forever jewelery experience.