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Mar 9, 2016


On Saturday night, Organic Shimmer, an airbrush-tanning salon in West Hollywood, hosted a glam night with attendees from local press outlets as well as lifestyle and beauty influencers. The theme of the night was organic as many brands at the event boasted all-natural, eco-friendly products.

I was grateful to sample some of the unique products including two different body scrubs by Erica’s Organics and Summer + Vine. Erica’s Organics Love Scrub featured three different variations including Lemon Meringue, Strawberries N’ Cream and Brownie Batter. In case you were wondering, it tastes just as good as it sounds. After using the body scrub samples to wash our hands, we were able to actually taste it! Erica’s Organics boasts homemade, edible scrubs that are perfect for a body cleansing as well as a sweet treat.

Attendees got a free treatment.

Attendees got a free treatment.

Summer + Vine gifted guests with a soft skin body scrub in the form of a brown sugar coconut blend. Their unique approach to packaging is equivalent to finding treasure in the sand. In every body scrub package, there is a piece of jewelry or a sample beauty product for the consumer.

Various influencers and attendees sampled these products along with Peach Bellini Champagne in one hand and Crescendo Ice Cream in the other. Crescendo Ice Cream is a liquid nitro and exotic tea infused treat. Their team created ice cream treats on the spot including the Cha Cha Matcha, a green tea ice cream with cookies and cream, as well as a hint of passion fruit.

Some notable attendees included Beauty Vlogger Alva Velasco, YouTuber Tiffany Del Real and the infamous SunglassCat.

Last, but definitely not least, were the offerings from Organic Shimmer itself. The newly opened Melrose salon offered spray tanning sessions and eyelash extensions for guests throughout the night. Various beauty influencers took part in the glamorous activities and spent the night laughing, enjoying the sweet treats and feeling beautiful. For more information, visit Organic Shimmer Salon.

Written by: Courtney Sulzberger

Photos: Felix of Lookbook LA