Mar 8, 2021

Our Biggest Takeaway’s From Oprah’s Meghan Markle + Prince Harry Interview!

One of the biggest takeaways from Oprah’s interview with Duchess Megan and Prince Harry was the tragic lack of care on their mental health, while facing a worldwide tabloid smear campaign head-on.

It’s International Women’s day, and an important moment to look back and realize how the media treats women in positions of power. Oprah is a masterful interviewer, and she asked all the question’s we were dying to know. Oprah in the clip below even lets us know she has been working to sit down with the Duchess of Sussex for a long time now. You can see it for yourself in the clip below. It truly is harrying to imagine a world where decisions about your own story is constrained by the thoughts, and actions of others. We understand the Royal family is an institution, but is it worth the price of silence within the family? It begs the question of what is going on now, and how are the rest of the members faring with their mental health? We’re glad Meghan is out and able to thrive.

To be honest the racial bombshell didn’t shock us, as much as it disappointed us. With the tabloids raging a race war on Meghan especially by attacking her image in comparison to Duchess Kate was a tired stereotype we keep seeing in the media. Why is it always, that if you like one woman, her opposite must be torn down? We saw this play out again and again in the tabloids, and then we saw all the unambiguous racial attacks on The Duchess of Sussex, some were so blatant they were obviously racial. To hear the Royals had a conversation with Prince Harry about the color of his son’s skin was disappointing but not surprising, seeing as how the palace never stepped in to nip the tabloids racial aggressions against Meghan in the bud. The Palace’s silence on those tabloids leveraging race as a rumor war, which saw 72 members of Parlaiment come out in her support, but never the Palace was a telling sign. We are disappointed but not surprised. This union should have been a step forward into a future that see’s the world as the Global melting pot we have become. Instead they hunkered down and went backwards by ignoring the issues at hand. This tabloid smear campaign against Meghan saw her mental health deteriorate to the point of suicidal thoughts, with no recourse to help her gain her mental back. At what point will the media be held accountable? We can rage against the Palace and those who run it all we want but the real emotional terrorists in this story are the tabloids who have damaged the mental health, wellbeing, and safety of more than one notable person throughout their existence. When will tabloid culture be cancelled? Are you as sick of it as we are?

What were your thoughts on the interview? Let us know. We believe this may open up a larger conversation for greater access to mental health, and hopefully a future that sets a precedent for greater acceptance of the new.