Apr 4, 2022

Our Favorite Moments From The 2022 Grammy Awards.

The Grammy’s aired this past Sunday from Las Vegas, and they were one of the best award shows we’ve seen in a long time. Although, we still bown down to Alicia Keys’ double piano performance from 2019.

The Grammy’s opened with a stellar performance by Silk Sonic opening the show with their hit “777.”

At only 19 years old Olivia Rodrigo swept the Grammys last night with a win in three of the big four categories.

Trevor Noah hosted the show for the second time having so much fun both while presenting and the moments in-between like his undying love for BTS.

Speaking of BTS they migh tnow have taken a Grammy home this year but their hit “Butter” was revamped for this imagining as they performed at the Grammys ahead of their sold out shows in Las Vegas. Not to mention, that the moment between V and Olivia Rodgrigo has fans in all fandoms hot and bothered all across the interwebs.

The Grammys made the show very fun and accessible with backstage cams, reaction cams, and audience moments, as well as their portrait cam.

On top of opening the show Silk Sonic also went home winners.

Our favorite presenter moment goes to Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion who recreated Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s iconic fashion moment from the 90’s. They even had Donatella Versace in on the bit. We loved it. We’ve dug up last night’s and the original for your enjoyment.