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Jan 6, 2020

Our Favorite Moments From The Golden Globes 2020

The Golden Globes have set off a fantastic start to the new year with an entertaining awards show hosted by Ricky Gervais.

Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue was dark and hilarious. The comedian is notorious for not giving a f%*k and he didn’t hold back in 2020 at all. NBC most notably had to censor him several times, as he became animated in his roast of Hollywood’s A-list. Check out the full monologue below:

Another top moment from the Golden Globes was Michelle Williams speech. We loved her passion and fearless approach urging women to vote. Opening up about being Pro-Choice, and her personal reasons behind it. Always a class act, Michelle thanked the industry which has given her the freedom to do what she loves, while incorporating her platform to spread awareness. So ladies 18 to 118 lets vote in our best interests.

Joaquin Phoenix is infamously open about his social anxiety, yet despite that he kept on in a very public speech about doing the right thing for the planet. With Australia burning, he becomes vocal about the changes we can all make, in addition to thanking those who put him there. Also acknowledging that acting is never an actual competition, but a collaborative art between creators. He shines with his praise for his fellow colleagues. Enjoy his speech below.

Tom Hanks took home the Cecil B. DeMille award, and continues to show us why he’s America’s loving dad. The man is a gem.

Kate McKinnon gave a beautiful speech on the importance of diversity and inclusion. How Ellen Degeneres gave her the confidence to chase her dreams. Highlighting once again why showcasing the LGBT community in art today is so important. We dare you not to cry.

Brad Pitt made us all laugh with his thank you to Leonardo DiCaprio (LDC) putting to rest at last if there was or wasn’t room on that raft.

Phoebe Waller Bridge wins best joke of the evening by a landslide. If you haven’t seen Fleabag and don’t get the joke shame on you. Drop everything and watch Fleabag now. Congratulations on the double win for best Comedy and again for Best Actress in a comedy Phoebe.

In our opinion these are the best moments from this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Let us know what yours were.