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Nov 13, 2023

Our Picks To Have The Coziest Autumn

Autumn is in full swing and before we’re devoured by the holidays, we just want to share some of our favorite fall finds to make your season as cozy as possible.

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Nothing emotes a season more than a scent which is why we have Homesick’s United Kingdom candle as our top candle pick for giving your home this perfect cozy scent. Priced at under $30 the candles are afforable for everyone and have a 60-80 hour burn time, made with natural soy. The United Kingdom candle has a blend of bergamot, grass, rain to create the magic that makes you feel leaves are falling and turning colors, even if you are in Los Angeles.

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You know what really brings in the autumnal season? Cooking. Don’t be afraid to switch gears and your palette by cooking in season. We can’t get enough of Nigel Slater’s Greenfeast cookbook for Autumn, Winter. It will be a staple in your kitchen and the recipes align beautifully with the season, helping us all to settle in to shorter and colder days.

Image: PotteryBarn.com

We cannot emphasize how necessary the perfect blanket is. Nothing says autumn more than a soft, cozy blanket on your sofa as you settle in for your book or movie pick. Our top blanket choice goes to Pottery Barn and their delectable Cozy Teddy blanket. Don’t worry, it’s faux fur and comes in a variety of colors to perfectly blend into your home’s color palette. The “Loden” is a particular color favorite for the season.

Image: Amazon.com / Red Tower Books

If you’ve stumbled into BookTok then this book should come as no surprise. “Iron Flame” just dropped and it’s an easy read with a healthy dash of romance in the fantasy genre as the characters try to save their world alongside their bonded dragons. Something about autumn always cues up our desire for escapist adventures. The first book in the series in “Fourth Wing” if you haven’t yet read it.

Image: Kris Atomic

If you always get your nails done like we do, it’s time to switch up the black polish that beckons us in October. For the more fallesque choices of this year’s color picks, check out: Espresso, Olive, Indigo Blue,  Eggplant, Burnt Orange, and Vamp Red. We love a gel mani, it just lasts longer and makes one trip easy to manage instead of weekly mani touch ups, but to each their own. A muted olive tone has really got us into the mood for cozy days, but let us know your favorite pick.

It’s also the time of the year when we should change up our skincare routines. Switch from lotion to cream. Creams are more moisturizing than lotions, and therefore, more appropriate for winter. The number 1 way to moisturize is to stay hydrated! Don’t skip your water. If you don’t already have one this is also a great time to invest in a humidifier. Getting that moisture back into the air is essential to combating what can be the extra dry air this time of year. As we move between cold outdoor temperatures and warm, dry indoor temperatures, our skin becomes “confused” and loses its ability to regulate itself and adjust to the ever-changing conditions. Before winter robs your skin of moisture, you can launch a counterattack. Here’s how:

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Gentle cleansers, oil your skin! Oil is your friend. Repeat after me, “Oil. Is. My. Friend.” Make sure to switch over to a cream, and avoid taking super long hot showers as that can further dry out your skin and leave you feeling itchy. For our skin we love La Roche Posay’s Lipikar Balm AP+ Intense Repair Body Lotion for Dry Skin, Body Cream with Shea Butter and Niacinamide. This is one of the most comprehensive creams we have tried. The lotion itself is from a well known French skincare brand, if you’re unfamiliar now, we’re delighted to introduce you to it.

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