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Sep 8, 2016

Page to Screen: ‘Throne of Glass’ Set to Debut at Hulu

Sarah J Maas has just unleashed her fifth installment ‘Empire of Storms’ into the world, this past Tuesday September 6th. After multiple years of reigning supreme on the NYT bestsellers list, her fantasy epic ‘Throne of Glass’ has sold to Hulu with The Mark Gordon Company at the helm. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know that the Throne of Glass series has spanned five books and one collection of novellas. The story centers around the complicated life of master assassin Celaena Sardothien. We first meet Celaena fighting for her life after being thrown into the salt mines of Endovier as a slave, for crimes to the crown. Given the choice to remain and die in Endovier, or head back to the monster who enslaved her in the first place atop his glass castle, our story begins. The King of Adarlan commands her to to fight and become his assassin champion or die. Monitored closely by the captain of the palace guard Chaol, and befriended by the crown Prince Dorian, Celaena’s mysterious and complicated past will set the world on a path to complete destruction or eternal salvation, only time can tell.

The series has been taken under the wing of The Mark Gordon Company, written for tv by Kira Snyder (The 100) while Anna Foerster ( Underworld: Blood Wars) is set to direct the pilot episode. This series is built upon layers of unbelievable world building with rich characters, and levels of mystery and adventure. We await with baited breath to see if Hulu can rise to the challenge of indeed creating the world of Erilea.

September 6th heralded the release of the 5th installment ‘Empire of Storms’ picking up on an incredible journey, and reuniting long lost characters. Can the past save the future? That is the question you will find yourself asking over and over as the story takes you through one incredible adventure to the next. Another slam-dunk fantasy, sure to sit beautifully atop the NYT bestseller list for weeks to come. We know Hulu will have as much success with ‘Throne of Glass’ as her beloved author Sarah J Maas has had, if they don’t change the story. We’ve long been championing the series for tv here at PPLA, now we hope Celaena’s story remains intact.


Deadline published a story earlier this morning titling the project ‘Queen of Shadows’ we’re left scratching our heads here. Is Celaena’s story being picked up at the beginning of the fourth book? That will leave viewers in the lurch as the story would be picking up at the onset of a very complicated war. Or will the series forgo the ‘Throne of Glass’ title for ‘Queen of Shadows’?