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Nov 20, 2020

Page To Screen: “The Witchlands” Are Coming

The Witchlands TV show from Jim Henson has writers! Hold onto your feelings bibliophiles, The Witchlands is going from book series to television, thanks to Jim Henson.

Covers Courtesy of Tor Books

Julie and Shawna Benson have been tapped as showrunners. The duo is best known for their work on The 100, and GAH. Could a sister writing duo be any more perfect for a series about sisterhood? What author Susan Dennard recently shared in the newsletter is her “love about the Bensons is how true to the Witchlands they have been with their script.” We know lovers of the books series are breathing hard at the moment, to have an author say that of an adaptation is always a good sign. According to author Susan Dennard the showrunning duo cares very deeply about staying true to the story and the characters.

Director, Alice Waddington has a strong track record in her visual work, but is also gushed about by the author who feels her personal style is bringing the witchlands to life in its full creature glory. Alice is also deeply committed to representing all the diversity of the real world in the Witchlands adaptation. Susan Dennard was able to meet with the showrunners and director on the Jim Henson studio lot, and shared the following photos. Are you excited for the adaptation? Let us know.

Image Courtesy of Susan Dennard
Image Courtesy of Susan Dennard