May 22, 2023

Paramount+ Confirms Rebrand With Showtime 

The streaming wars are still healthily underway with Paramount who has confirmed the launch plans for Paramount+, with Showtime.

The company will launch the rebranded bundle on June 27.  It comes a few days after the date leaked via an email sent out to Showtime subscribers that paid for the service via Apple. The merger, which is currently only applicable in the U.S., comes after news broke in January that Showtime will no longer be a standalone brand.

“This summer, Paramount+ will officially become the streaming home for Showtime, further advancing our lead in being the total household service,” said Tom Ryan, President & CEO Paramount Streaming. “By integrating the Showtime premium and critically acclaimed portfolio with the service’s already broad and popular slate, all at a competitive price, we will solidify Paramount+ as a cornerstone in streaming.”