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Aug 8, 2017

Passion-To-Paycheck: Keynote Speaker Liz Hernandez + TV’s Biggest Stars Give Advice On Following Your Dreams

Passion-To-Paycheck took place at The Andaz Hotel in Hollywood, bringing together TV’s brightest stars for an event yielding motivation, a dash of inspirational speaking, and some of Hollywood’s best career talk featuring Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez.  

P2P featured Hollywood’s top presenters, personalities and TV professionals including the event’s keynote speech delivered by Access Hollywood Personality and Wordaful Founder, Liz Hernandez.

Passionistas_Erike De La Cruz

The events’ creator, Erika De La Cruz stated, “This afternoon is an occasion to dive into what it means to be your best self for living in our industry!” De La Cruz, a fellow TV host and best-selling author invited boss babes across LA to find out what it means to pursue this type of career, and turn their passion into paychecks.

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Other celebrity panelists included AJ Gibson, Vivian Nweze and many more who delivered advice ranging from “count the ‘no’s’ you get on your journey, because each will get you one step closer to a yes,” to sharing personal practices, like meditation and insider red carpet hacks.

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Inspiration wasn’t the only thing the audience left with. Onsite VIP gifting included Best seller: Passionistas, Tips Tales & Tweetables from Women Pursuing Their Dreams and products from influencers & fashion bloggers, like Bri Seeley & Vanessa Balli.

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