Jun 9, 2024

Pat Sajak Says Goodbye to “Wheel of Fortune” after 41 Seasons

Pat Sajak has said his final “Wheel of Fortune” sign off! This past Friday, after more than 40 years and 8,000 episodes as the host of the hit game show. Sajak told audiences that he was humbled for the “incredible privilege to be invited into millions of homes night after night.”

The final episode, which was filmed in April, opened with a special intro clip of Sajak’s first appearance on the program in 1981. The clip introduces Sajak to audiences as the replacement for former host Chuck Woolery, who went on to host “The Love Connection.”

Then the usual fanfare begin with longterm partner Vanna White accompanying Sajak on set for their final farewell episode titled “Thanks for the Memories.” Sajak paid tribute to the pairs long-lasting professional relationship and friendship, and then the word puzzles ensued!

Vanna White also took to social media with her own tributes to Sajak.

In September, Ryan Seacrest will be taking over for Sajak as host of the show.

Watch Pat Sajak’s final sign-off from “Wheel of Fortune” below.