Aug 29, 2012


After 3 1/2 years starring in a Las Vegas striptease spectacular, blonde bombshell and Las Vegas ambassador Holly Madison (of E!’s Holly’s World & Girls Next Door) will complete her run with Peepshow at Planet Hollywood on Dec. 30. Peepshow is a highly stylized, full-throttle modern burlesque show that combines sexy striptease and celebrity with top-notch production values and a dash of passion. A story told through dance and contemporary music.

I went to this show expecting some nudity, great costumes, and of course, singing and dancing. I got all of those things and more! I have to say coming from a cheerleading and gymnastics background, I really enjoyed all the choreography. As for the singing… I have two words for you- Josh Strickland – who completely tore the house down. He starred as Tarzan in Disney’s production of Tarzan on Broadway and is currently singing alongside co-star Holly Madison in Peep Show. The show takes us along Bo’s (Little Bo Peep’s) journey to find love.  With the help of her ‘Peep Diva’s’, the show guides us through various classic nursery stories (with a sexy twist) each one teaching Bo a lesson in love.

Peep Show is like a great escape- offensive to no one, and highly entertaining. Holly Madison and her television stardom make the show accessible to everyone and it is Vegas, so the audience can get their “Peep” and enjoy a great show.

In the end, Bo finally achieves enough female empowerment to fall in love with a Tarzan-type who pops up in her bathtub, whom in the beginning of the show we think is just a battered audience member (he is literally pulled up on stage, chained to a bed, and battered in pink paint and feathers by the ladies!) Like Bo who does find her happiness, it looks like Holly’s real life is about to get that fairytale ending as well. Madison has previously stated she planned to adopt children, but it turns out this mom to be will be having one of her own. Announced today, Holly Madison is expecting her first child with her boyfriend party promoter Pasquale Rotella. No one can be sure what this means for her upcoming performances in Peep Show (scheduled to run through the holidays), but I wouldn’t waste any time and get your fix before this blonde bombshell has her final curtain call.

Peepshow was created by Tony Award-winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell and first premiered at Planet Hollywood in March 2009 with General Hospital actress and Dancing With the Stars: Season 1 champion Kelly Monaco as Bo Peep and Spice Girl Mel B as Peep Diva- her guide into womanhood. Singer and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Aubrey O’Day was another celebrity guest star in the racy romp that celebrates sexy striptease.

Who do you think will be next to play the shy vixen? Perhaps another reality star?

My pick would be Amanda Seyfried! She has the look and acting chops, so let’s see if she can sing! Leave your choice in the comments field below.

For more information visit Peep Show at Planet Hollywood.