Award Shows, Events
Jan 12, 2012


No Big Bust here.  Kudos to host Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory for kicking off the awards season with well…a bang!  Opening the show with a scripted sequence involving Big Bang characters elicited genuine audience laughter.  Set aside your need for serious, cause honey, the Oscars, this ain’t.  However, the People’s Choice Awards is the only legit show where we, the lowly masses who consume endless amounts of mass media, actually have a voice.

It’s also a time where A-list actors and wannabe A-list actors can all gather to accept numerous accolades.  Some serious stars decided to squeeze into sequins (or other fab garb) for the event, including Emma Stone, Robert Pattinson (sans hair), Lea Michele, and Neil Patrick Harris.  I know, I know, we really want an explosion of hottness such as Brangelina, or at the very least, Ryan Reynolds.  And speaking of absentees, where the heck was Johnny Depp? The dude’s won approximately eight bazillion times, but has anyone actually witnessed the man in attendance? I digress.

Being a no show obviously doesn’t impede dynamic star power, case in point, Ms. Katie Perry.  I, for one, can’t fault that California girl for ditching the awards… marriage crumbling equals red carpet avoidance.  America must agree, for the sassy songstress still managed to clean house and nabbed five categories, including ‘Favorite Female Artist’.  Also surprisingly absent were members of the Harry Potter cast.  It’s a shame neither muggle nor wizard could be found to claim awards for ‘Favorite Movie’, ‘Favorite Action Movie’, ‘Favorite Book Adaptation’, OR ‘Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast’.

Not astonishing, to me and anyone else who reads pop culture anything, was current “it girl” Emma Stone’s victory.  The saucy ginger was most deservingly dubbed ‘Favorite Comedic Movie Actress’.

“I moved to L.A. eight years ago this week with my mom, who’s right there,” Stone said while accepting her pair of crystal trophies. “It is so insane to be standing up here right now. It is hard to describe to you.”

With her obvious genuine appeal, I’d say Jen and Reese, your days are numbered!

Moving right along, we have our mandatory scripted awkward moments…Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle anyone?  But we can’t completely fault the pair, they are after all, only reading a teleprompter.  Another uncomfortable moment, you ask?  Adam Sandler’s speech for ‘Favorite Comedic Movie Actor’, which he proceeded to pull from his pocket.  This time, we can’t blame the teleprompter.  I’m sure y’all love Billy Madison as much as me, but dude, the joke’s over.  I think Rob Pattinson would agree, the former vampire also squirmed uneasily next to madam Betty White. (Forced, stilted laughter…the stuff award show dreams are made of!)  Speaking of my fav English hottie, all remnants of Twilight seemed to be glaringly absent.  But not to worry, the buzz sporting Brit did not leave empty-handed.  Robbie Pattinson, err Water for Elephants claimed favorite drama movie.  Anyone sense a supernatural connection? Just saying.

Bringing funny back to the forefront were the women of Bridemaids.  Never one to shy from the spotlight, Maya Rudolph led the cast in a Wilson-Philips sing-a-long.  At that moment, America could plainly see, this group of cray cray women undoubtedly deserved the ‘Favorite Comedy Movie Award’.  Other winners in movie categories included Hugh Jackman for ‘Action Star’, Ryan Reynolds for ‘Favorite Superhero’, and newbie Chloe Moretz for ‘Favorite Movie Star Under 25’.

Winding down the show, were two oldies but goodies, Betty White and Morgan Freeman, winner of the ‘Favorite Movie Icon’.  It came as no shock for Hot in Cleveland to win favorite TV cable comedy.  As per usual, Betty captured the crowd with her deadpan humor and simply adorable persona.  The woman gives 90 year olds, and mid twenty somethings everywhere, something to strive for.  Among the other TV winners were How I Met Your Mother for ‘TV Comedy’, Neil Patrick Harris for ‘TV Comedy Actor’, Two Broke Girls for ‘New TV Comedy’, Supernatural for ‘TV Drama’ and ‘Sci-fi/Fantasy Show’, and Pretty Little Liars for ‘Cable TV Drama’.

All in all, this was not the worst show I’d ever seen.  After all, I’m still awake to write about it.  Now, who’s hosting the Golden Globes?