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Aug 27, 2017

The Perfect Gift To Perfect Your Relationship: Very Engaging

It’s been about a month since I backed Very Engaging, the couples guidebook to gamify your deepest relationship questions on Kickstarter, and I have not been disappointed! Whether you are in a new relationship, a committed one (aka a rut), or have been married and discovering there are still a few surprises, this book is for you! 

Today marks the final day to order your advance copy of Very Engaging from their Kickstarter campaign and support two locals guys who set out on a mission just over a year ago to help couples get to the heart of their relationship struggles in a playful, romantic way.

The book does not let you down! Broken up into unique chapters covering everything from “the beginning” to entertainment, money, family values, and the big, scare future!  The comedic but sincere tone from authors Charly and Les lets you know that they are both on your side and have been there before. In fact, the idea for the book came when the pair worked together at a bank and had each recently gone through their own relationship experiences of getting married and getting engaged. Their mission to help others came from a genuine place of need. It was clear that during their own wedding processes, there was nothing on the market that really spoke to both men and women and helped them really navigate the waters of a relationship.

On to my favorite parts about this book! FIRSTS!  Being in a relationship for several years, I enjoyed going back to the start and each remembering what we first noticed and loved about each other. It was cute to see he remembered my first date outfit! He was not so thrilled I had forgotten his 😉


Adventure. I’ve always been someone with a sense of adventure. I’ve made it clear in every realtionship that I’ve been in that while marriage and kids are a priority, I want to enjoy and explore life with my partner first. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel the world with someone I love so this chapter hit the nail on the head for me. Italy, here we come!

Pet Peeves. Lets face it! When you spend time with someone over time, they are bound to get on your nerves. This was a fun way to tell them the not so pleasant things that bug you, without being too offensive. Falling asleep in the movies= deal breaker.

The book isn’t all fun (okay, well it is) but it still hits the hard topics. The number one killer of relationships (outside of mother-in-laws) is finances. Very Engaging jumps right into this chapter and puts $$$ back in the conversation.

Whether you need this book now, assume you will one day find love (you will, I promise), or have friends in need, I suggest you act fast. Today, truly is the last day to help Very Engaging meet its funding goal. Your support will help the book be self-published and basically, you are saving tons of relationships. Yes, YOU are the new Patti Stanger + Dr. Phil, all in one.