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Jul 26, 2019

Pet Pop Is Poppin! Why You Should Visit The First Pet-Themed Pop Up Ever

Finally! The pop up experience we have all been waiting for, Pet Pop! Whether you are an influencer, animal lover, or someone who just appreciates creative design Pet Pop is for you.

We had the pleasure of visiting this immersive experience and cuddling up to some of the most heartwarming puppies. Not only did we get to bond with fellow animal lovers, but we also learned so much about the pet adoption process. But we’ll get into that in just a bit!

First let’s walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Or should we say, the HollyWOOF Walk of fame? There’s nothing like seeing the paw prints of our favorite celebrities Cindy Pawford, Snoop Dogg, Meowdonna, Johnny Pett, Chew Barrymore, and Harrison Furrd before walking into a giant fishbowl. 

Now, we don’t wanna spoil ALL the surprises, but we will say that the booths are super interactive. You can run on a hamster wheel, jump into a ball pit, ride on a swing shaped like a dog bone. The insta worthy moments never end. The highlight of our Pet Pop visit was attending the Paw Works booth and visiting the puppies. Paw Works is a cat and dog adoption/ animal rescue in Ventura County. This nonprofit organization’s mission is to help make Ventura County “no kill” by rescuing unwanted animals from county and city shelters. They seek to place pets in permanent homes, thereby addressing the troubling and massive issue of animal abandonment and animal overpopulation, a problem that arises when owners fail to spay or neuter their pets. 

We spoke to Brittany Vizcarra (pictured below), Operations Manager of Paw Works, who gave me the rundown of what this organization stands for. She went into great detail about why it is important to “adopt not shop.” Vizcarra explains “When you shop you’re fueling an endless cycle…more animals will not be fixed (by their breeders), which leads to more puppies being born and those puppies consequently end up in shelters.” Typically, backyard breeders will also overbreed an animal, which becomes physically taxing on the mother. There is a common misconception that fixing your pet is detrimental to their psychological health, this is definitely not the case. Sadly, pregnant dogs and puppies tend to be the most euthanized animals in shelters because you cannot legally adopt a non-fixed dog from a shelter.

The work that Paw Works is doing to fix this problem of overpopulation and euthanization of innocent creatures is incredible. According to Vizcarra, Paw Works has rescued over 5,500 animals from being euthanized since 2014. So please think twice before shopping for a pup! Make sure to adopt, which will ultimately put an end to the operations of the unethical puppy mill industry. 

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Mina Wahab