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Oct 26, 2021

Phoebe Bridgers Performs Back to Back Sold Out Shows at LA’s Greek Theater

Phoebe Bridgers ushered in sad girl Autumn in a sold out concert at LA’s famous Greek Theater. A balm for the soul, her concert was just what we needed.

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Phoebe Bridgers instantly sold out a two-nighter at the Greek, but she isn’t the type to openly gush about the accomplishment or be “humbled” by it, the way any other hometown LA musicians might gush about the milestone. Instead she played an epic set, well in hand, and gave a connectedness to her audience that reveals exactly why she sells out. She asked how many had been to her previous nights’ show as we attended on Friday, to a fair number of people in the audience revealing they’d attended twice. She jokingly apologized for not switching it up, blaming a faulty memory. She is charming in a way that makes her feel like your best friend, who makes great tea, and always has an open door policy at her home. Phoebe Bridgers is a set apart from her pop-music counter-parts, it is refreshing.

In one instance of the night (we had completely forgotten) Phoebe unleashed a primal scream into the audience as part of her “I Know The End’ semi-closer that raised goosebumps on our arms. Hello, halloween? We weren’t prepared for the scream fest as our heart briefly stop-started. The acoustics on 6,000 people joining in for a soul searing, mind clearing scream had our heart sputtering, but joining in after a second’s hesitation gave way to catharsis.

If you’ve never seen Phoebe Bridgers live, you’re doing yourself a disservice. All we were missing from Phoebe Bridgers’ concert was a large fireside as we leaned into her folkie, indie rock tracks. How can we make it official and crown her the Queen of autumn who runs a chill house, and offers music led sooth-saying as the hot days turn to cool nights.