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Aug 17, 2017

“Piety of Ashes” Pre-Release Album Review | The Flashbulb

Electronic musician The Flashbulb is about to release a new album, officially on Sept. 1.

It’s quite a full album that has prominent influences in jazz, and elements from classical string quartet, slow trip hop grooves, improvised drum-set beats, soundtrack music, and something like hypnotic felt piano and hang drums. The electronic part has Flashbulb’s characteristic glitchy quirkiness to it and a dreamy sense of reverb. The compositions are sensitive, restrained, and refined with lush layers, heavy bass kicks, arpeggio computerized sprinkles, vocoder conversations, ambient textures, and a punctuated ending of a brass quintet fanfare.

And even with that tremendously diverse and ridiculous instrumentation and range, there is still a clear first-person narrative (literally) that ties everything together with ease and maturity. Flashbulb still manages to pull off a cohesive album that gets better after every listen.

It deserves to be experienced in one full hour long sitting, however its presence, ambient nature, and absence of ego makes it indirectly impactful even if it were listened to in the background like unconsciously coloring your environment.

Flashbulb has also gone through lots of care for his most enthusiastic fans, as particularly shown in the release of his special edition complete with handcrafted recycled wood CD boxes.

You can purchase a copy from his record label, Alphabasic.