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Nov 15, 2019

Platefit is a New Workout Routine, For Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals

Platefit can be found around Hollywood and most recently, they opened a brand new location on Sycamore ave. We stopped by to check out what all the hype was about.

First off you’re probably asking yourself what is Platefit? Platefit is a 27-minute high intensity interval training workout done on individual Power Plates with guided instruction carefully curated music and a new dynamic experience built for efficiency. Platefit has a class structure of a 27 minute classes which, heal and recover muscles, strengthen and elongate the body, detoxify the system, and help you vibrate higher. Vibration training is more than physical fitness, it’s a way to better health: stronger bodies, stronger bones, brighter more glowing skin, and better sleep. They utilize the science of vibration to wake up your cells, increase circulation, drain & detoxify the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery time. The body’s response to vibration increases seratonin, HGH, and reduces cortisol.

After checking out their workout we thought, “well that wasn’t so hard”. The initial workout seems effortless. You’ll feel as if you could go another round, go for a run, or even stop by another high intensity class. The truth is, you will feel it deep in your muscles the next day. The technology really does work. We loved their recovery class the most. If you’re someone who works out alot, we can’t recommend their recovery class enough. It helps to really get deep into your muscles and give them the relief from tough workouts they need. Give it a try and let us know what you think.