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Oct 20, 2023

Plug and Play Los Angeles Hosts Event at Japanese General Consul LA Home, Bringing Overseas Tech to US Market

On October 19th,  Plug And Play LA a global innovation ecosystem and venture capital firm, hosted an event at the Los Angeles home of Kenko Sone, the Japanese General Consul, as a part of an active partnership with the Japanese government.

The event was a collaboration facilitated through JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and Plug and Play designed to accelerate startups from Japan in Los Angeles across different stages of maturity and traction.

These startups ranged from entertainment and gaming to health tech and eco-focused founders. The event kicked off with a Keynote address from Galina Antova, Founder of Claroty, a unicorn company known for their comprehensive industrial cyber security platform. The audience included invited VIP guests, celebrity investors, VCs, founders, and angel investors.  Plug And Play has a global presence in over 50+ locations worldwide.

The initiative aims to empower the next generation of Japanese entrepreneurs by providing them access to the thriving Los Angeles tech and venture capital ecosystem, provide mentorship and support, and facilitate business expansion abroad. As part of this effort, 11 promising startups from Japan participated presenting their companies to a select group of investors and corporate partners.

It’s a privilege to be a part of ‘Beyond Japan’ program and serve as a bridge, supporting Japanese entrepreneurs abroad. In collaboration with JETRO and the Japanese government, Plug and Play provides startups with meaningful introductions to investors and corporations to drive new investment opportunities and pilots. We hope to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs looking to expand their business abroad in competitive markets such as LA and the broader US,” said Mehrad Moeini, Head of Plug and Play of LA.

To learn more about the startups that presented and the Los Angeles tech community, visit Plug N Play