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Feb 27, 2014


What has a smooth body, silky texture, pleasant aroma and costs less than $20? If you said anything other than a bottle of Porter & Plot wine, I will deny that I know you!

image001On a perfectly seamless night in February, a very lucky list of Hollywood’s elite were given the privilege to gaze upon the majestic views of the Hollywood Hills atop Petite Ermitage, while taken on a journey courtesy of “Porter & Plot” wines. But not just any journey, it was a full sensory excavation to allow the guests to really understand what it takes to appreciate a premium bottle of vino. The kicker was that each bottle, which tastes as if it were specially hand crafted for a prince, is available for a pauper’s budget!

Porter & Plot creates wines of exceptional quality from lesser known varietals and unique appellations with a distinctive story. With a focus on the details, winemakers create limited-production artisan wines to bring drinkers first time access to micro-production bottles with the same ease of availability you would experience from a macro-producer. Through simple, balanced and approachable wines, their goal is to make it easy to explore the undiscovered world of wine and enjoy the journey.”image005

There was an aromatic station with various jars filled with anything from fruit to a variety of herbs, for guests to take a whiff and distinguish which flavor the wines identified with. At another table were various fabrics for fingers to touch to appreciate the texture which is sometimes missed if you don’t take an enjoyable first sip from your glass. Lastly, local markets and the house culinary chef, gave a delicious spread of complimentary delicacies to engage in the perfect dance amongst your tongue. Everything was perfect! Not a bit of sensory overload, as one would ponder. Each table had a sommelier that was both knowledgeable and delightfully friendly. It was an amazing experience.

image008If you have the prowess and power to be fortunate enough to get on the list when they present their voyage in New York and San Francisco, RSVP stat! If not, visit their website or purchase your own bottle on Cheers!