Underground, Up & Coming
May 12, 2013


Hollywood can be a rough place. For decades people have come from all over the world seeking fame and fortune- lured celluloid dreams. Everyone calls it different things but making it in the world of film is, without a doubt, one of the last beacons of the American Dream. No one knows that better than Christiana Leucas. Still a relative newcomer, she burst on to the scene this winter in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action packed The Last Stand, which comes out on DVD May 21.

Though her role is small, her stunning figure and commanding screen presence has caught the attention of many in the industry. “I always knew I wanted to be an actress,” she said in an exclusive interview with Press Pass LA. “I began acting when I was eight years old and haven’t stopped since.” To judge Leucas on her looks alone would be a grave misconception.

Over the course of a single conversation it is clear that there is much more than meets the eye with her. “I know people look at me and think of me as a model but the truth is I’ve always loved drama. I consider actresses like Meryl Streep and Jodie foster my roles much more than models. My heart will always belong to serious acting.

Though she has been in various roles since 2007, The Last Stand allowed her to really embrace her dream in a much larger scale. “Schwarzenegger is such an inspiration. He’s really living the American Dream and working with him was a real honor.”

Leucas is proof that following your passion pays off. It may take time but the American Dream is still alive and well in the City of Angels. Keep an eye on Leaucas, she is made for great things. The Last Stand comes out on DVD May 21.