Jun 21, 2018

PPLA Premiere: HiRSH Releases “The Well”

HiRSH is set to release their new single The Well on Friday in support of their new EP Going (June 29th), but the trio has given Press Pass LA readers a treat by premiering the song early!

The band, comprised of Beau Hirshfield, Moses Truzman (Audiomoe) and Chris Caden, describe the single as a sort of wake up call –  “You know when you’re having a conversation with someone about something mundane and you realize ‘oh my god I’ve had this same exact conversation 17 thousand times and I actually could not care any less about any of it?’ Is this the matrix? Is any of this real? I’m fine. No really I’m fine. How are you?”

HiRSH has an upcoming EP Release Show at Peppermint Club on June 29th: Tickets

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