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Oct 6, 2015


The lifestyle clothing company prAna continues its excellent lifestyle delivery with their latest event to celebrate the upcoming opening of their Manhattan Beach location!

Select lifestyle gurus, influencers, and yogi’s were invited to a private yoga session in Manhattan Beach at The Green Yogi. The class was engaging and a perfect start to a typically crazy day in southern California. Yoga is a great basis for taking care of yourself and your health. The company knows this and is working to establish itself as more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle.

Doing a good stretch at The Green Yogi.

Doing a good stretch at The Green Yogi.

The clothes you wear are beautifully and thoughtfully made and your insides should reflect that too. Attendee’s were gifted an incredible Om candle, extra yoga sessions at the green yogi and of course beautiful athletic pieces, to stay fit and healthy.

We love prAna here at the Press Pass LA office, we can’t wait to see the grand opening of its beautiful new location. Check out their website to join in, and get started on adding beautiful athletic piece in your journey of health, fitness, and fun workout clothes.

Written by: Carolina Bonetti