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Jan 17, 2016


Premal Patel is the leading man behind the fine lines, structure, and stylized design that makes up the Premonition Collection. Hailing from the land down under, Australia delivers yet another beautiful fashion line. Premonition’s women’s line officially launched in 2011 and has finally landed on LA’s golden shores.

This beautifully tailored line does not shy away from bold colors and statement pieces sure to become closet staples. The fabrics are rich and finely attuned to fit your body like a glove. We can’t get enough of Premonition’s playsuit’s here at the Press Pass LA office. The fabric fits perfectly into every curve without leaving any extra fabric that can be the bane of every fashionista’s existence.

Premal gets women’s bodies. At the age of 22, he left his job to start Premonition out of the back of his parent’s Volvo. Talk about ambition and motivation! Years later he’s given the fashion market a wearable, thoughtful, and stylish clothing line that should be in every woman’s closet.Premonition

Make sure to take a look at Premal’s latest vision at Premonition Designs. After all, the right outfit can make any woman a vision to remember.