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Dec 23, 2016

Press Pass Presents: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Twas two nights before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a: hold on, did you get your Christmas or Hanukkah presents yet? Didn’t think so. Thats alright we’ve curated the perfect holiday gift guide for the best kwanzmakah, christmakah,  or in-between you celebrate. You’ll find this year’s Gift Guide broken up into the following categories: Books, Clothing, Beauty, House and Home, Fitness, and of course Stocking Stuffers. We’ve worked diligently to bring a little bit of perfect for everyone.

















First up for last minute gifts there’s nothing more perfect than books for a book lover because you can gift them on Kindle and call it a day. BAM! Instant gift delivery. We’ve curated a list of titles in various genre’s of the best of, for your favorite bookworm. Thrillers: “The Woman in Cabin 10” is an outstanding thriller that will leave you with short breaths and page turning curiosity every step of the way. Bonus: It’s been bought by Reese Witherspoon’s production company so if ou were a fan of “Woman on the Train” we already know you’ll be hooked. SciFi: Holy mother of surprises. “The Diabolic” we picked up this book early this summer thinking it might be a good romp through outer space and ended up with our minds blown at how creative the plot was. Set far in the future featuring a not so human protagonist (or is she?) meet: Nemesis. You wouldn’t want to cross her trust us. We weren’t the only ones to be taken by surprise. The stand alone novel went on to hit bestseller status, landed a movie deal with Sony pictures (we called it on Page to Screen) and is now set to be the first in a trilogy. From stand alone to trilogy: Bravo! This is one book you wont be able to put down. Fantasy: Our favorite category! We can’t make a fantasy gift guide and not place Sarah J. Maas’ world at the top of fantasy lovers lists. Give yourself a trip through Prythian, go on you deserve it. Two of three titles in the series are currently on bookshelves. Starting with “A Court of Thorns and Roses” followed directly by “A Court of Mist and Fury” This re-telling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is like none you’ve read before. With elements of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ built around a world of spectacular Faerie courts, anti-human sentiment, and curses, you wont be disappointed. Feyre the main character is no simpering beauty, and the high lords of the faerie courts will leave you breathless. But we understand that the fantasy genre has sub divisions. You might love magic but maybe not creatures. Thats alright, it’s why we’ve picked “Caraval” as our second fantasy recommendation. You can pre-order now, it wont be available until January 31st. Caraval is the most coveted carnival in this worlds novel. It blends illusions and reality, creating a world that leaves you second guessing your sanity. They say it’s the closest to magic you will ever find in the world. Every year Caraval puts on a heart stoppping game of intrigue. This year the winner’s prize is a wish granted. What would you do for any wish you desired? If it’s only just a game what do you have to lose? Finally for fans of the horror genre we recommend “Little Heaven” due out January 10th. This book heralds a trio of mercenaries known as ” The Englishmen” hired by Ellen Behaven to check on her nephew. Seems like a piece of cake. Ellen believes her nephew was taken against his will to a remote New Mexico settlement run by a cult. Once the trio arrive nothing is as it seems. Paranoia and distrust run rampant throughout the settlement as a dark force closes in on them, leaving them fighting for their lives. You’ll find yourself turning the page; if you dare. Rounding out our holiday book selections is none other than the Queen of books latest series JK Rowling’s Cuckoo’s Calling. Currently filming the mini series this ‘Page to Screen’ darling is sure to catch your intrigue. Away from wizards and into the depths of Scotland Yard worthy crimes you go. The Cormoran Strike series have been written under her psydonom Robert Galbraith with three books currently published.

















You should only buy clothing if you have very good taste, which is why we do and have a list for you to chose from. How hard is it to find the perfect fit for your man? Men are often given the short end of the stick during holidays and we’re not having it. Check out Original Paperbacks. This company set out to specifically make clothing with a wide array of color selections for men, by men. Almost all of their designs are available in over 55 color choices! They’re currently hosting a 40% off holiday sale, so feel free to go wild. Our favorite picks are their ‘Catalina’ sweat pants in gun metal, and we’re obsessed with their ‘Boston’ sweater in smoke. It’s currently on sale and we think it’s a perfect holiday staple.


Laaaadies! This is our favorite part of the holidays. CLOTHES. First off you basically have to go shopping pre-christmas and post post-christmas and you know pre-newyears and post for holiday party purposes clearly. We had a blast playing in Aidan Mattox‘s showroom here in LA to get the best threads for the holiday party season. Check out this black number with silver, gold, and bronze beading. We were obsessed and knew this was the end all classy number we needed to be a showstopper at holiday parties. Let us know what you think. holidaygg7

As you know PPLA has a deep love of Australian designers. Which is why we were over the moon for Morrisday The Label. We picked their ‘Bella Lace Playsuit in Navy‘ as one of our holiday events MUST wear. Paired with opaque black tights and black stilettos you’re sure to be a wintery hit at the party. Not to mention our obsession with their ‘Stay the Night’ sequin dress in blue. Talk about a perfect NYE dress! Plus if you’re celebrating Hanukkah you have 8 days to dress to impress, so hop on ordering.


Theres no such thing as a holiday party without killer heels. We always love to pair the high end with the start up and up and coming talent here at PPLA. Which is why we were thrilled to discover Sheek Shoetique. The designer is a young 21 year old mother, who struck out to carve a business space of her own and we couldn’t be happier to support her endeavors. Besides, her shoes have attitude for days. If you want to keep it casual with pants but bring major attitude with shoes; Sheek Shoetique is your go-to. We picked the ‘Shara’ caged bootie as our holiday must have. Make sure to check out all the style’s as you’ll find them extremely well priced and comfortable with well made materials.























Estee Lauder has reigned supreme for decades as a top innovator in beauty. We can’t get enough of their face wash the ‘Estee Lauder: Nutritious’ it’s their 2 in 1 vitality cleanser. Works great for leaving your skin glowing and clean, although not recommended for make up remover. Handle that before cleansing to get the best results. You can pick it up at Sephora or Nordstrom.

Skincare…dun dun Dun . It’s just as important to cleanse your face as it is to moisturize it. That why we’ve picked Philosophy’s new ‘Miracle Worker’ line up as the end all be all to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh. “Give the gift of youth this Christmas” – Can that be their tagline and can we get residuals for the idea? But really check out their ‘Uplifting Miracle Worker’ meant for your face and neck this cream will give you back that tightness and glow you love. Pair it with their moisturizing booster for the ultimate effect.

Now again with men ladies don’t leave them out! And gentlemen don’t feel over looked. While plenty of lines create incredible skincare with ads directed at women check out this brand Aminocare which has a line of both face wash and creams formulated especially for you. Of course other brands make skin care for men, Amino care infuses amino acids with their formulas to bring you the best skin care possible. Check it out you’re going to love what you find. We’re especially big fans of their men’s face cream.

Now makeup is one of our favorite parts of beauty. Whether you spend your days checking out tutorials or buy that extra $40 in products for the makeover at the counter we’re excited to share our favorite brand choices for the holidays.

Colour Pop first caught our attention here at PPLA at their Coachella event with Revolve, this past spring. We had such a blast making pigment mixes and picking our own shadows. They sell awesome seasonal kits on their site. Which HELLO make for the perfect secret Santa gift, or  a great starter kit for that pre-teen or teen in your life thats just getting into mixing and matching their make up style. Not that, that thought stops us from using it for ourselves. We’ve also fully embraced the glitter lips trend with their ‘Ultra Metallic Lip’ glosses.

For a higher end buyer who still wants to embrace a youthful make up approach check out Estee Lauder’s Estee Edit line. Our favorite palette of 2016 is Estee Edit’s: Kendall Edit Palette. Not to mention our obsession with their double sided mascara we raved about in our Mascara face off earlier this year. The line includes a fun range of eyeliner colors, and shadow pens that lay the perfect foundation for long lasting color that stands out.

We also can’t round out beauty without including bath time favorites. A stand out from 2016’s Emmy’s race was gift lounge find: ‘Coastal Salt and Soul‘. Curated and created right here in southern California’s city of San Diego we’re wild for the beachy fragrances their products offer. Their Peony scrub is a staple here at the PPLA offices. All their products come in gorgeously crafted glass containers with wooden lids that make for perfect decorative accents as well. Splurge and snag their VIP box for a selection of scrubs, candles, lotions, and soaps you’ll be wild over. We’re still debating which is best in the office Peony or Mediterranean Citrus. The race of which is best is tight. The candle is SO worth it! If anything get the candle your house will smell divine.













So you know a little baker, low key supreme chef extraordinaire? is probably the best thing to ever happen to the host or hostess with the mostest. With a wide array of products and gifting ideas, both high and low price points you can’t go wrong! We picked their beer bread bake set for the perfect after Christmas and during Hanukkah gift set. The beautiful baby blue box comes with directions printed on old fashioned news paper, an apron, bread mix (obviously), an adorable old fashioned wrench as a beer bottle opener and a pressed metal baking pan. We’re obsessed with the presentation! Plus each unique gift comes with a thoughtfully story which makes the gift … thoughtful. We love it! Use this code at check out for an extra $10 off at checkout: QAP618 ( valid for first time users only; through January 31st). The recipe calls for a pairing of your favorite beer and we picked an LA local. Pair your recipe with Angel City Brewery’s, Lager.  They brew all their own beer and this one is infused with grapefruit and honey. Or try a spicy rendition for the bread with their seasonal ‘Sirachelada’.

Glasswear, we’re all grown up now and deserve beautiful glass entertaining wear. Give your host or hostess one of Sur La Table‘s perfectly curated glass wear sets. We love their stemless wine glasses here at PPLA. Less breakage with an elegant design. Win-win as far as we’re concerned. Go out and grab a set today, we bet their not sold out -yet.


















How about we don’t wait until 2017 to kick our butt in gear? Give a fit gift this holiday season, or treat yourself to one. One of our favorite workouts from 2016 is the Kate Hudson approved workout ‘Booty Belt’. The belts comes in several sizes and ship with accompanying workouts. Work out at home and get the booty you’ve always wanted. Get two and make it a best friend gift. We think this is the perfect way to stay in shape and be accountable. You and a buddy getting a booty. Again we’re killing it with these one liners, can we get residuals over here? But seriously if you haven’t heard of ‘Booty Belt‘ check it out today.

Top off your fitness gift with the perfect workout gear. Who doesn’t love puppies? Get fit and do it while looking super cute rocking your favorite dog breed with Puppies Make Me Happy . Obviously if you follow our Beauty and Fashion editor Carolina Bonetti on social media you’ll know she’s all about Frenchie’s and Spin class. Pick your fav, and sweat it out in style.



Alright wine lovers, fellow vino connoisseurs. Sur La Table strikes again, this time as a great destination for your stocking stuffer needs. Check out their vacuum Wine Preserver Set or their Bottle Stoppers. Its upscale, and thoughtful without breaking bank. All things we crave this time of year, plus with all the wine if any is left over you wont want it to go to waste.

Want to liven up a holiday gathering? Check out what might become the new ‘Cards Against Humanity’ we came across ‘The Voting Game‘ and we’re obsessed. So long extender packs a new friends game is in town.

Want to round out a well curated wardrobe? We recommend Frangi Pangi as the finishing touch on your holiday shopping list for fashionistas everywhere. Frangi Pangi is a curated stockings line that excels in diversity. The nylons are available in every skin color you can think of ( soo long, farewell too white or too dark legs). Slim enough for any stocking and the perfect finish for any fashionistas collection. They’re also available in a wide array of sizes.

Still getting goodies for your food lover? Amateur chef extraordinaire in your midst? We’ve got you covered. Check out Carlitos Gardel’s homemade and hand bottled Chimichurri. This authentic Argentine steakhouse has been family owned and run for over 20 years in the heart of West Hollywood. If you can’t give a gift certificate for a one of a kind dining experience pick up their Chimichurri. You can even try out their family recipes with the sauce on the website. Thats right a little piece of Argentine family cooking secrets for your perusal.

Wash on wash off with Bioderma’s awesome makeup remover wipes. Can’t buy  all that awesome makeup without something to help it come off. Europe has been swearing by French brand Bioderma for years. Time for the US to catch up. IT’s one product you won’t regret.

Finally round out your skin care with this all organic must have. We tried and tested Dew Puff this season, and loved the results. You can wash your face with the sponge on it’s own or by adding your favorite cleanser to it’s surface. They come in three varieties: Original ( which is perfect for your cleanser combo) Bamboo Charcoal which is great for oily or blemished skin and finally Asian Clay designed for cleaning out impurities from your skin and combating signs of aging.


Those are our top picks for the best gifts this holiday season! Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Press Pass LA office.