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Mar 8, 2022

Probably Nothing , Educational NFT Platform led by Jeremy Fall, Partners with Triller on #LadiesofNFT Campaign

Today, Jeremy Fall, Creator of the educational NFT platform Probably Nothing announced a partnership with Triller, the AI-powered open garden technology platform for creators.

The partnership will shine a light on the artistry of creative women in the NFT space. The #LadiesofNFT campaign extends Probably Nothing’s weekly spotlight, which launched on Instagram in 2021, and features a growing number of women breaking down barriers in the more significant Web3 movement. In celebration of International Women’s Day and throughout the month, Triller will highlight the #LadiesofNFT content across its app and social channels to reach even wider audiences.

More and more incredible women NFT creators are bridging art and culture within the Web3 movement. The series of Ladies of NFT content will celebrate 10 of these women, including Amber VittoriaAshley GreeneClaire SalvoDanielle PettyGianina SkarlettHarriet JonesInes MelittiLesandre (Leshay) MorrisPeace OjemehRucha (Tcha Tcha) Bhatt, and Sara Buamann. In addition, Jeremy Fall, creator of Probably Nothing, will be gifting each of the women a virtual 3D flower from his upcoming NFT project, Photosynthesis.

“It’s always exciting to be able to shine a light on the incredible women of the Web3 world and their artistic contributions,” said Jeremy Fall, creator of Probably Nothing. “I was raised by a single mom and have always loved to support strong women in any capacity. With this partnership, we’re excited to grow our current weekly spotlight on Ladies in NFT and reach more people.”

“It’s exciting to use the reach of our platform to showcase the important work women do every day,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO at Triller. “As the NFT, blockchain, and the Web 3 movement continues to permeate aspects of culture, innovative partnerships, like this one with Probably Nothing, help us raise more awareness for the women helping turn creativity to action and impact.”