Mar 12, 2020

Producer/Actress Ivana De Maria Launches StoryPlace Studio to Provide an Inclusive Platform to Find The Next Best Story

Have you ever felt like all the shows on TV and movies feel exactly the same? Not to mention the incessant string of sequels, prequels and reboots of late. StoryPlace Studio by Producer/Actress and tech entrepreneur, Ivana De Maria (Netflix’s “Monarca”), is hoping to change all that.

Today, StoryPlace Studio became the first-ever database of story content specifically intended for content creation. The launch is an extension of the already successful social platform (StoryPlace Social) and it aims to democratizes the story development process of the entertainment industry by connecting media content creators (producers, development executives, studios)  with a database of untold stories from people all around the world. It allows for the discovery of new, authentic, relatable content that today’s global audience demands.

The studio was launched with the belief that there are millions of stories, especially those from minorities and underrepresented groups, that constantly go untold in history. The entertainment industry and the stories being told in film and television play a critical role in educating and establishing the narrative of many communities and global issues.

“Currently, our search for the next best story is limited to the current pool of screenwriters or famous personalities. StoryPlace is committed to nurturing and supporting a diverse community of stories and storytellers from the simple act of sharing a story on our app, to producing film and television that can reach a global audience,” said Ivana de Maria, Founder and CEO of StoryPlace. “Rather than lamenting the underrepresentation of our communities in film and television, we want to provide platforms, support and tools to get underrepresented voices and their stories out into the world,” continues De Maria

Courtesy of StoryPlace and LA Collab
Pictured: Mayor Garcetti, LA Collab co-founders Beatriz Acevedo & Ivette Rodriguez, Actresses Ivana De Maria and Eva Longoria

StoryPlace Studios has already garnered public support from Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, through the LA Collab Initiative which aims to connect Latinx talent, executives, and creators to opportunities in the entertainment industry with the goal of doubling Latino representation in Hollywood by 2030. StoryPlace Founder, Ivana de Maria, was featured at a press conference alongside Mayor Garcetti and LA Collab co-founders, Beatriz Acevedo and Ivette Rodriguez, as well as Actress/Activist Eva Longoria. In addition, StoryPlace Studios is officially a part of Pledge LA, an initiative through the Annenberg Foundation. This coalition includes tech leaders and venture capital firms who commit to improving quality of life for all Angelenos by increasing civic engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion in their own companies and transparently measuring progress and impact over time toward these ends.

“We are so proud to be included in Pledge LA and LA Collab at the launch of StoryPlace Studios. It is important for us to align with initiatives that are pushing for diverse storytelling, not just in the Latinx community, but across all groups who don’t currently have a voice within the industry. We want StoryPlace Studios to be the destination for sharing unique, compelling content that allows for unheard stories to finally be told,” said Ivana de Maria, Founder and CEO of StoryPlace.

So how does it work exactly?

Storytellers write their stories in a user-friendly fill in the blank template and the StoryPlace Studio technology automatically converts these stories into “treatment” formats that follow industry standards. The stories are then published on the platform and visible to Content Creators who are looking for stories to develop. During this process, the platform offers direct links and tips for registering written content with copyright offices, online mentoring to help storytellers, and e-learning tools for Storytellers to help guide them through the writing process which includes: a working title, intended format, logline, time period, language, fiction or non-fiction, genre, theme, protagonist identity, key characters, setting description, story synopsis and acts 1 to 3 written..

Storytellers maintain full ownership of their story, are protected through a full transparency system that tracks all activity on their story, and no writing experience is required in order to qualify as a storyteller. All Content Creators go through a verification process and when a content creator finds a story they like, they connect with the Storyteller through the multifunctional messaging system.

If you are already an active user on StoryPlace Social, you have the added perk of accessing StoryPlace Studio for free for a year! If you’re a new user you have two options upon registration. You choose to have a Storyteller or a Content Creator account. The cost for Storyteller users is $4.99 a month Content Creator (producers, directors, media executives, etc. who are looking for stories to develop and produce) pay $29.99 a month for a single seat account and extra seats can be added for members of the company for an additional $19.99 a month per seat.

StoryPlace Studio Founder, Ivana De Maria

Millions of people, around the world and from all walks of life, have great stories that they dream of seeing on a screen. Now is their chance to partner with the right Content Creators and get their story told!

To sign up and have a chance to see your story make it to the silver screen, visit